Video Testimonial

How Data and AI Drove Purple Wave’s Growth

May 4, 2021

Purple Wave, the nation’s largest no-reserve internet auction firm partnered with Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory practice to:

  • Use data to segment customers and equipment
  • Use data to optimize how they go to market
  • Use both machine learning and AI to better predict customer needs

The impact to Purple Wave resulted in:

  • Increased sales from $50M to $200M annually
  • Spent 7 years listed on Inc.’s fastest-growing private companies
  • Experienced 20x growth in key segments

From this interview video with David Brotton, VP of Marketing at Purple Wave, you will learn how data was leveraged to impact their business. In addition, you’ll get answers to these questions:

  • How does Purple Wave use data to improve their customer experience?
  • How did Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory team create value for Purple Wave?