Colonna’s Shipyard Digital Transformation Journey

calendar iconOctober 4, 2021

Learn how Cherry Bekaert launched Colonna’s Shipyard’s digital transformation by building a robust IT Infrastructure focused on automation, security, privacy & reliability.

Founded in 1875, Colonna’s Shipyard has experienced a consistent cadence of growth and continues to maintain a commitment to modernization adding buildings and offerings to the 120 acres of shipyard in Norfolk, VA as well as supplemental operations in California and Florida.

Given the offerings and geographical expansion throughout the years, Colonna’s Shipyard discovered their current IT infrastructure and systems needed to digitally transform to meet the demands of the business.

Colonna’s Shipyard partnered with the Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory team to launch their digital transformation journey. Systems, processes, and resources currently in place where evaluated and strategic guidance was provided on future ready technologies that would both solve their IT challenges and meet their future business needs.

Hear firsthand from the Colonna’s Shipyard leadership team and the Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory team on the digital transformation outcome.