Webinar Recording

Digital Transformation for Middle Market Business Growth: 5R Process

calendar iconDecember 8, 2021

Watch this video to learn about how Cherry Bekaert’s proprietary “5R” process can help leaders digitize their business and position it for continued profitable growth.

Current market conditions provide mid-tier firms a prime opportunity to digitally transform their business. Digitalizing a business requires transforming the entire business model, using software as the core to the firm’s competitive advantage, to customize the go-to-market approach, scale offerings or services, and upgrade the operations, and technology infrastructure. By taking strategic risks to grow revenues and gain market share and nimbly meeting evolving customer needs, mid-tier firms can expand their go-to-market footprint, and compete more effectively with some of their larger, less agile, competitors. At the same time, opportunities exist to optimize business operations and talent models to improve profitability.