Webinar Recording

How to Scope Your R&D Tax Credits and the Benefits of Using a Full-Service CPA Firm

calendar iconSeptember 28, 2022

Join Cherry Bekaert’s Research & Development (“R&D”) team to learn how your organization can take advantage of R&D tax credits and tax savings. Our professionals will walk you through what documents and data to gather and how to scope various types of R&D tax credits. Accurate and thorough documentation will become increasingly important as the federal government is drastically expanding the number of Internal Revenue Service agents following the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

In the second half of the webinar, we will have a client panel discuss the benefits they experience when engaging a full-service CPA firm after previously working with boutique firms and hear directly from other business leaders on how the process works.

The webinar will:
• Provide a general overview on the R&D tax credit
• Address the information gathering for an R&D tax credit benefit scoping process
• Discuss what is necessary for estimating R&D benefits in various industries
• Hear from a client panel sharing their positive experiences of working with a full-service CPA firm