Webinar Recording

Why Growing Tech Companies Need a Sales Tax Strategy Now

calendar iconSeptember 14, 2021

Tech companies may shoulder the most complex sets of rules for sales and use tax management. All states have now passed economic nexus laws which require tech companies to collect tax based on the level of sales made into the state. Compliance is more complicated and costly for licensing fees, software as a service income, and product sales revenues.

Join the Cherry Bekaert Sales Tax Team as they walk through practical examples of sales tax issues our technology clients are facing and provide a guide for improving sales tax compliance, while reducing risk and exposure for unpaid taxes.

You will learn about:

  • The impact of economic nexus on sales and use tax obligations for technology companies
  • The increased scrutiny on sales tax in tech company M&A
  • The difficulties tech companies face in complying with sales tax collection requirements
  • Best practices to manage increased compliance burdens and mitigate liabilities for uncollected sales tax