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2022 Not-for-Profit Speaker Series: Redefining Collaboration: Transforming a Group into a Team

calendar iconNovember 10, 2022

In a recent study of what employees desire most from their workplace, being part of a collaborative team was near the top of the list. Collaboration is often something that is assumed to be easy, natural, and commonplace in organizations but, in actuality, it’s uncommon and hard to cultivate. Given the expansion of traditional work environments to include a hybrid workforce, collaboration has become even more challenging than ever. We’ve all been placed on a ‘team’ that’s not really a ‘team’ and experienced negative outcomes for ourselves, our departments, or the organization. In this session, you’ll gain insights to building successful teams and creating an environment where powerful moments and successful outcomes thrive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define collaboration and examine the difference between a Group and a Team
  • Explore ways to create stand-out, powerful moments together
  • Review places we can ‘up our game’ and take action for our teams to thrive

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