Webinar Recording

The Path to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

calendar iconMarch 5, 2021

Webinar transcript

Listen to this recording of this half-day summit which ran through five sessions identifying tactical, actionable and affordable steps to achieve an accelerated timeline of readiness, sponsored by NeoSystems, Cherry Bekaert and Holland & Knight.

In the recording, an alliance of leading cybersecurity and digital transformation experts will walk you through the path to CMMC and explore all aspects of the “how” to get ready for a certification, exploring the difference between a “security posture” and security hygiene, why DIY gap-filling and patching can potentially result in costly and time-consuming missteps, and how to reach out for trusted advisor support.

Ending with a discussion around auditor and assessor viewpoints, including news from Katie Arrington CISO A&S, United States Department of Defense. Walk away with a clear, actionable steps toward CMMC readiness and a much-needed education around the future of cybersecurity and the key themes we should all be considering in 2021.