Forensic & Litigation Advisory Services

Advising Clients from Planning to Trial

A keen understanding of financial and business valuation issues strengthen the merits of any disputed matter, as well as the possibility of a successful resolution. From preliminary fact-finding to expert testimony, Cherry Bekaert provides assistance through all phases of litigation and settlement.

As a trusted partner to attorneys, our team of Forensic & Litigation Advisory professionals participates in more than 250 cases per year, providing assistance to both plaintiff and defense parties. We also serve as court-appointed neutral experts. Cherry Bekaert’s Forensic & Litigation Advisory professionals have extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities and pressures surrounding legal and corporate proceedings.

Even before a complaint is filed, many legal teams call on us to provide an early assessment of potential damages in a disputed litigation matter, or to identify relevant discovery and valuation issues. You can draw on our experience to measure the potential financial consequences in a wide range of matters, including breach of contract, lost profits, white-collar crime, class actions, marital dispute resolution, product liability, tax controversy and professional liability.

Financial Damages

If you want an early assessment of your claim for potential damages, or to identify relevant valuation issues, you can call us before you file a complaint to obtain an initial estimate of the dollar amounts involved. We have experience developing damage models in a wide range of complex business litigation matters.

Expert Testimony

When you need persuasive arguments to be made at deposition or trial, your advisor on the Forensic & Litigation Advisory Services team will be available to provide the necessary oral or written testimony. He or she is trained to clearly explain the analysis performed that back up our conclusions and expert opinions in a clear and concise manner.

Forensic Accounting

If you need help with fraud investigations ranging from employee embezzlement to money laundering, our team of forensic accountants and certified fraud examiners is available to assist legal counsel through all stages of an investigation including documenting the chain of custody, cataloguing evidence, conducting interviews, preparing reports and providing expert testimony.

Business Valuation

If you find yourself in a litigious situation that requires valuations of closely held companies, personal and family ownership interests, and professional practices you can talk to us about how our valuation analysts and services can help you build your case. Sometimes, business valuations also demand a forensic accounting to ensure that the financial data used to develop the business valuation is reliable.

Insurance Recovery

Keeping up with all the steps it takes to file an insurance claim, from valuing your losses to tracking the claim, is hard and time consuming – and if you miss one step, you can put your claim in jeopardy. Having someone who’s gone through the insurance claim process many times can help you maximize your claim and allow you to keep focused on running your business. Natural disasters, fires and explosions, computer viruses, acts of civil authority, employee theft and embezzlement, even unforeseen events – whatever insurance coverage issues come up, we can help guide you through the process with the goal of helping you reach a more reasonable insurance settlement. We have assisted insureds with property damage claims, business interruption claims, contingent business interruption claims and extra-expense claims. We can also explain the tax impacts, if any, so you have the complete picture.

International Arbitration

Navigating international laws and regulations is difficult and confusing, but something that can make international arbitration a bit easier is working with a multicultural and multilingual team of professionals. Our team members have provided consulting services and expert witness testimony on international disputes involving global Fortune 500 and smaller companies. Law firms, business enterprises and governmental entities often retain our professionals for this very reason – to give expert testimony on damages and related issues in a variety of international arbitration settings.

Marital Dispute Resolution

Get an objective perspective and expert guidance in resolving marital disputes, including validity assessment of prenuptial agreements, equitable distribution analysis, lifestyle analysis, and alimony and child support calculations, among other services.

Receivership Experience

Sometimes during a shareholder or partnership, dispute counsel may determine that a receiver or financial monitor would provide the court with an objective evaluation of the business’ feasibility to weather the storm and meet its obligations. We have been appointed in such matters to operate the business, or to monitor the financial activities, and prepare informative reports to the parties and the court. Receivership orders can be drafted to address the issues at hand and provide the receiver with varying levels of authority and powers. In certain cases, we are appointed to sell assets or to liquidate businesses.