Cloud Solutions

Today there is a tremendous shift as businesses are moving to the cloud. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits they receive when their systems migrate from on-premise and hosted solutions to cloud solutions. Yet many businesses still do not understand the benefits of moving to the cloud or how to go about it.

We are here to help. Cherry Bekaert’s Cloud Solutions practice will guide you through the migration. We will answer any questions you have, put together an action plan and help with the transition, including solution architecture, implementation, training and support.


In addition to training and support we provide the following services to help our clients successfully navigate their transition to the cloud:

Technology Action Plan

Get the most out of your technology investments

The Technology Action Plan is designed to evaluate and align your current technology solutions with your business goals. The TAP gives you clear and actionable advice on your technology assets and needs, along with a plan to help you achieve your business objectives. Whether you’re considering upgrading, integrating or replacing your systems, our technology experts can give you the guidance you need.

The benefits for your business

  • Get a complete analysis of your technology assets and how they support your business
  • Uncover technology adoption opportunities that can help you achieve your business goals
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement by mapping key business processes
  • Uncover inefficiencies among your software applications
  • Get clear and unbiased recommendations with a structured action plan

Your Technology Action Plan includes:

  • An analysis that identifies key functional areas and activities within your business
  • A value-chain analysis to assess the overall health of core functions of your business
  • A high-level view of your business processes and technology
  • An enterprise application architecture to help you visualize the functions of various software applications, as well as their integration and overlaps
  • A 360° technology assessment to help you see how well your current technology supports your business needs
  • A report with prioritized recommendations and a high level action plan

Solution Architecture

Businesses maximize efficiencies and benefits when their entire management systems are considered as a whole, not in isolation or “silos.” Our experienced professionals will consider your system in a holistic manner, ensuring all your systems are designed to work together seamlessly, ideally on one uniformed cloud platform. We also take into consideration best of breed systems that can be integrated, giving your organization a total solution to your
business needs.

Organizational Change Management

Successful adoption of any system is incumbent on making sure the organization is willing to and capable of adapting to new systems. As part of guiding you to a better total solution, we take into consideration the culture and drivers for change.

Our personalized approach to change management helps your employees successfully navigate through the transition. We help transform your organization as you move into the cloud by providing strong change leadership to increase user adoption and realize a faster time to value. We reduce the time and effort to achieve your implementation goals and focus on creating changes that last
over time.

We don’t stop once you are live on your new solution. Our Cloud Solutions practice can help you address additional changes as your business grows. Whether you’re facing an merger or acquisition, scaling your business, or needing other additional services such as tax and assurance, we will partner with you to take your company to the next level.


We offer two proven methodology approaches to help you through your implementation. If you have a relatively simple implementation and have skilled resources, our Guided Approach offers advice while you perform your implementation.

For more complex implementations, our IDEAL Methodology provides you full interactive support and direction throughout the implementation project from start to finish. The IDEAL Methodology is divided into five phases, which span the project life cycle and are consistent across all our engagements. Project management extends across the phases of the engagement to maintain the project’s schedule and provide quality assurance on the product delivered. The phases are:

  • Initiate – We kick off the project and plan the implementation to ensure all team members have a clear understanding of the project goals, expectations and timelines. The primary deliverables are Project Charter and Project Plan.
  • Design – We develop detailed insight into the organization’s needs and objectives. We then architect the new system to support the needs and objectives. The primary deliverable is a Business Requirements Document (“BRD”)
  • Execute – Following the BRD, we configure the new system. The system is prepared and process flows, data conversions, reports and customizations are ready for integrated user testing.
  • Acceptance – The system is tested, users are trained, data is converted and the system is ready for production. The primary deliverables are Client Readiness sign-off and GO LIVE.
  • Live – The phase where the system is in production. Hyper-care is provided for 30 days (through first month-end). We verify the system is working as expected and the terms of the engagement are fulfilled. Primary deliverables are an Optimization Plan, Transition to an optional support agreement and Project Evaluation and Sign-Off.