Tax Outsourcing Services

Free Up Time and Money to Build Your Business

Tax filings are a cyclical need, but changes to tax law impacting your business are occurring year-round. Rather than spending resources to train and maintain a full-time tax staff to meet the tax consulting need, a growing number of businesses are taking advantage of tax outsourcing to enhance their compliance efforts.

Cherry Bekaert’s Corporate Tax Solutions practice can provide you with a specialized team of tax consulting professionals just when you need them, and only when you need them. We specialize on building a robust tax compliance plan so you can focus on your business. Our tax outsourcing and tax consulting services include:

  • Federal, State & International Compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation Assistance
  • Tax Return Review
  • Amended Returns
  • IRS or State Audit IDR Response Support
  • Accounting for Income Taxes