Global Tax Strategies

Innovative Global Tax Strategies for
Multinational Companies

Every multinational company has unique characteristics that provide opportunities to use its global structure to satisfy certain business needs and enhance shareholder value. The needs and potential of any company can be influenced by the life cycle of the business, maturity of the industry, state of the economy, growth or contraction objectives, where cash is needed, what jurisdictions and regions of the world in which the company is active, financing needs and many others. Common themes to address in regards to global tax strategies include maximizing earnings per share, maximizing cash flow, circulating low-tax dollars to finance growth, cash mobility between countries and earnings repatriation.

Cherry Bekaert Global Tax experts develop customized strategies tailored to the clients’ unique circumstances. These strategies commonly include the following:

  • Holding company strategies
  • Finance company strategies
  • Movement of earnings and profits and tax pools
  • Deferral strategies and repatriation opportunities
  • Foreign currency planning
  • Risk and function planning
  • Intellectual property planning
  • Acquisition and disposition planning
  • Global supply chain management
  • Transfer pricing

Our goal is to help U.S. and foreign entities enhance their global tax position. This is accomplished by utilizing the following approach:

Step 1. Understand the current situation and future direction

Step 2. Determine the benefits of a global tax platform

Step 3. Design a platform to achieve desired benefits

Step 4. Implementation, project management and execution

Step 5. Maintenance

The delivery of an effective customized global solution is dependent upon having the resources of a global team. Our client service team consists of tax professionals located in key jurisdictions, including:

  • Americas (including the Caribbean nations)
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia

This integrated approach creates tangible benefits for our clients by providing seamless services across borders, a hands-on understanding of cross-border business and tax issues, and consistency in quality, methodology and level of attention.