Accounting Methods

Growing Opportunities and Minimizing Exposure

The timing of income and expense recognition is an essential element of cash tax planning for your company. A thorough accounting methods review can help you identify current opportunities to defer recognition of revenue and/or to accelerate expense deductions. Regardless of financial and operating status, you can utilize accounting method changes to create cash benefits that reduce your current tax expense and increase cash flow.

While many opportunities exist, Cherry Bekaert also recognizes that many companies face considerable risk related to the use of impermissible accounting methods. Our tax professionals can help you correct their methods, obtain audit protection in many cases, and mitigate risks by identifying potential opportunities to offset an unfavorable change. Our experience and tax expertise can help you develop innovative approaches to make the most efficient and accurate claims to tax authorities.

Take advantage of our Accounting Methods services, including:

  • Cash to Accrual
  • Accrual to Cash
  • Uniform Capitalization Rules
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Accelerated Expense Recognition