Cost Segregation Studies

Accelerate Growth through Calculated Depreciation

Cherry Bekaert offers commercial property owners a wealth of cost segregation services. By conducting a cost segregation analysis, we can help commercial property owners implement a proven tax planning strategy that allows acceleration of substantial depreciation deductions and deferral of tax payments.

The ideal timeframe to conduct a cost segregation analysis is within the same year a building is constructed or an existing structure was purchased. However, this planning tool can also be implemented on a structure that was constructed or acquired several years earlier, thanks to the IRS “catch-up” provision that allows you to realize any missed depreciation without having to file an amended tax return.

Cherry Bekaert’s cost segregation services can provide:

  • A substantial reduction in tax liabilities
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Increased cash flow
  • The opportunity to claim “catch-up depreciation” from previously misclassified assets
  • Reduction of real estate property taxes