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GSA Consolidating Multiple Award Schedules into One Schedule

On November 27, 2018, the General Services Administration (“GSA”) announced that it will simplify its multiple award schedule (“MAS”) offerings by consolidating the 24 schedules now in use to a single schedule. GSA’s goals in doing so are to improve customer service, make it easier for small businesses to access the schedules program, and reduce duplication for vendors. The transition into a single schedule will take place over the next two fiscal years and will consist of two phases. The first phase will take place in fiscal 2019, and it will focus on developing the consolidated schedule and shutting down. Read More.

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Do you Know if you are Running Kaspersky Anti-virus Software on your Network?

As the 2018 government fiscal year ends, another deadline is looming for government contractors. By October 1, government contractors must have all Kaspersky Lab hardware or software removed from their networks, as required by the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”) passed in December 2017. Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Labs is a global cybersecurity company founded by Eugene Kaspersky, who is perceived to have ties to Russian intelligence and the Kremlin (which the company denies). The anti-Kaspersky rhetoric grew stronger in 2017 after a National Security Agency government contractor running Kaspersky anti-virus software on their home computer was. Read More.

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So You Think You Are Ready for Due Diligence?

At the stage of a company’s development where it is advantageous to think about the sale of all or part of the business to a financial or strategic buyer, management teams are generally prepared to undergo a certain amount of due diligence from the buyer organization. Government contractors expect to undergo close examination of their accounting records, contract files, HR files, legal contracts, and other files and records. Many government contractors do not think that their tax files and practices will present areas of great concern, but often these areas can lead to unpleasant surprises for selling organizations. Specifically, here. Read More.

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#MeToo and Federal Contractors

By: John Ford, Senior Consultant Most of us have probably heard of the misconduct allegations made recently against high profile individuals in the media, entertainment industry, and Congress. Many of these allegations involve violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“CRA”), while others may involve allegations of civil or criminal violations such as battery or even rape. While probably not as likely to make the headlines like the recent widely publicized cases, contractors can face many of these problems. This article will provide a high-level overview of some of the contracting issues contractors can face if their employees. Read More.

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The New Revenue Recognition World

By: Michael Brown, Senior Manager The effective date for the new revenue recognition standard is fast approaching and will be here before we know it. By now, you have probably heard speculation about the impact of the standard to your company. Speculation has been from no impact at all to the world is going to be entirely different post implementation. As always, the reality is somewhere in the middle. Generally speaking, for the government contracting industry, the end result of when and how much revenue is recognized will be similar as in the past or at least should not significantly. Read More.

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How Many Contractors Does It Take to Run the Government?

By: John Ford , Senior Consultant, Government Contractor Services Group For many years, there has been a debate as to how many contractors are performing work for the government. This issue has two components: (1) the number of entities holding contracts; and (2) the number of individuals who are actually performing those contracts. While the former is fairly easy to determine, the latter is more problematic. This article will discuss two of the tools available to the government to make this determination. These tools also help the government to know how much these employees are costing the government. The first tool, required. Read More.

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