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California Community Colleges Reject Tuition-Free Plan

Amid concerns about high default rates, several California community colleges are rejecting the state’s plan that offers in-state students one year of free tuition. California awards community colleges free tuition aid for participating in the plan, but institutions like Barstow College and Imperial Valley College disagree with the mandate requiring participation in the federal student loan program. The San Bernardino district referenced the recent high federal loan default rate among borrowers at its colleges for rejecting participation in the tuition-free plan. Meanwhile, California Community College system officials oppose the move and believe colleges that aren’t taking part in the federal. Read More.

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TEACH Grants Becoming Loans for Most Recipients

A Department of Education study has found that 63 percent of TEACH Grant recipients saw their grants become loans. Based on the report’s findings, teachers whose grants converted to loans failed to meet the program’s eligibility requirements due to being unqualified in a certain field or recertification paperwork issues. The report also discovered that some colleges use the grant to meet students’ financial aid needs rather than to achieve the program’s intended purpose. One key finding revealed that colleges are more likely to use TEACH Grants to make a degree more affordable instead of guiding graduates toward high-need fields at. Read More.

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States Take on Student Loan Crisis

With student loan debt projected to exceed the trillion-dollar mark, several states are taking action to address the issue. The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc., for instance, is pushing its state’s Legislature to enact a fund that helps low-paid employees pay off their student loans. Another example is Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s recent approval of Montgomery County’s student debt refinance program. The County is permitted to use tax-free bonds to make available a system of financial assistance for residents seeking secondary education. Minnesota is also working on legislation that promotes awareness of the federal loan forgiveness program. The. Read More.