Litigation Support

Advising Clients from Planning to Trial

A keen understanding of financial and business valuation issues strengthen the merits of any business litigation matter, as well as the possibility of a successful resolution. From preliminary fact-finding to expert testimony, Cherry Bekaert provides assistance through all phases of litigation.

As a trusted partner to attorneys, our team of litigation support professionals participates in more than 250 cases per year, providing representation to both plaintiff and defense parties. Cherry Bekaert’s Litigation Support professionals have extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities and pressures surrounding legal and corporate proceedings.

Even before a complaint is filed, many legal teams call on us to provide an early assessment of potential damages in a business litigation matter or to identify relevant valuation issues. We have measured the financial consequences in a wide range of matters including breach of contract, lost profits, white-collar crime, class actions, product liability and accounting malpractice. Our Litigation Support Group also provides guidance through a number of high-tension scenarios.

Financial Damages

Even before a complaint is filed, many lawyers call on us to provide an early assessment of potential damages or to identify relevant valuation issues. Our in-depth business experience allows us to accurately quantify the dollar amounts involved in a wide range of business litigation matters including breach of contract, embezzlement, fraud, bankruptcy, lost profits, white-collar crime, accounting malpractice and class actions.

Expert Testimony

As our findings and conclusions frequently require oral testimony in depositions and trials, we understand the nuances of presenting testimony and are able to present a persuasive argument by clearly explaining the data and our expert opinions.

Forensic Accounting

Our team of forensic accountants and certified fraud examiners assists legal counsel in a variety of fraud investigations ranging from forgery to money laundering. We are available during any stage of the investigation to document evidence, conduct interviews, prepare reports and provide expert testimony.

Business Valuation

Many situations require valuations of closely held companies, personal and family ownership interests and professional practices.

Insurance Recovery

For all the steps it takes to file an insurance claim, from valuing your losses to tracking the claim to figuring out if your claim money affects your taxes, our Insurance Recovery team has a diverse range of experience to help guide you through any disaster or loss. Natural disasters, computer viruses, acts of civil authority, even unforeseen events – whatever insurance coverage issues come up, we can help you with the process with the goal of helping you reach a more reasonable insurance settlement.

International Arbitration

Our professionals are retained by law firms, companies and governments to give expert testimony on damages and related issues in a variety of international arbitration cases. Our multicultural and bilingual team of professionals provides consulting services and expert witness testimony on international disputes involving global Fortune 500 companies.

Marital Dispute Resolution

As a recognized leader in marital dispute resolutions, our professionals provide validity assessment of prenuptial agreements, lifestyle analysis and child support calculations, among many other services.

Receivership Experience

Our professionals often act as receivers in a commercial or marital dispute. If appointed by the courts, our professionals are responsible for business and real property including ongoing business activity, traditional accounting and tax services, forensic accounting and liquidation of assets when necessary.