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  • Log-in Tips

    • Use of your user account requires one of the following internet browsers:
      • Apple Safari (Version 5.0 or higher)
      • Google Chrome (Version not applicable)
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 7.0 or higher)
      • Mozilla Firefox (Version 3.0 or higher)
    • Your Log-In ID is not case sensitive, however, your temporary password is case-sensitive
    • For security reasons, you are required to change your password upon logging in for the first time
    • Your new password must be 8 to 32 characters in length
    • Your new password must contain at least one alpha character, one numeric character, one special character (e.g. !, @, #, etc.) and is case sensitive
    • Cannot contain the user’s login
    • Cannot contain the user’s first name or last name
    • If you forget your password, it may be reset anytime by clicking “Forgot Password”? on the login page
  • What is a ClientFlow Portal?

    A ClientFlow Portal is a secure online account which allows our clients to securely receive electronic documents delivered by Cherry Bekaert. Using a secure username and password, clients can view accounting information such as:

    • Tax Return
    • Client Organizer
    • Engagement Letter
    • Year-End Projection
    • Schedule K-1
    • Requests for Information for Bankers/Brokers
    • Financial Statements

    Furthermore, our clients have the ability to securely upload and deliver documents to their account which may aide Cherry Bekaert associates in the preparation of documents produced for client delivery.

  • Why am I no longer able to receive documents from Cherry Bekaert within an email?

    With the implementation of the ClientFlow Portal, Cherry Bekaert expects to enhance client communication, empower clients, and, most importantly, improve client service.

    Cherry Bekaerts’ goal is three-fold – first, we are dedicated to protecting your personal information. Second, we are dedicated to providing superior client service through increasing efficiency in delivery of your information. And finally, Cherry Bekaert, as a firm, is dedicated to Going Green!

  • How do I Log-In after I register?

    1. Visit the Cherry Bekaert Homepage:
    2. Enter your new Log-In ID.
    3. Enter your Password.
    4. Select “ClientFlow” in the left-hand navigation panel.
  • Am I able to access my tax returns and documents on my mobile device?

    Absolutely! You can now access documents on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. Simply Download our new App and log-in with your new Log-In ID and Password.

    Google play itunes App Store

    Note: If the Mobile App is not downloaded to your Mobile Device, you are likely to experience difficulty when opening documents within your user account.

  • Why am I having trouble viewing my documents?

    Please visit the Help & How-To Center guidance on Viewing ClientFlow files.

  • Is it possible for me to upload documents to my user account for Cherry Bekaert to receive?

    Yes. Please visit the Help & How-To Center guidance on Uploading files to ClientFlow.
  • Where do I send my signed E-File Forms?

    Upon signature of your E-File Forms, we recommend you scan and upload your forms back to your user account. This is the most effective method of returning your signed E-File Forms to Cherry Bekaert.

    In the event you are not able to scan and upload your forms to your user account, you may fax or mail the forms back to the office location in which you interact with. Please visit our Locations listing to determine the appropriate mailing address and/or fax number.

  • Why am I not able to electronically sign my E-File Forms?

    While Electronic Return Originators, or EROs (accountants and tax preparers) have the ability to ‘E-Sign’ E-File Forms, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) specifically requires taxpayers to physically sign Form(s) 8879. The IRS further requires the signed form be received by the ERO prior to submitting the tax return to the taxing authority. Your physical signature on the E-File Form(s) indicates that you, as the taxpayer, have reviewed the return and ensure the information on the return is accurate.

  • How long will my documents remain available to me through my user account?

    Tax returns and other actionable items will remain available until the due date of the item published. For example, tax returns and estimated tax vouchers will remain available until the due date of the tax return, or the date the last estimated tax payment is due. All other items published to your user account, such as information provided for use within your tax return, will be removed upon receipt by Cherry Bekaert. For further information, please review the Terms & Conditions agreed to upon user registration of your user account. Review Terms & Conditions.
  • Portal access issues

    If you have previously registered for portal access, you should be able to use the same user login and password this year. If you forgot your password, click on “forgot password” at login screen. If you need additional registration or access assistance, please send an e-mail to: and note in the subject line “Client Assistance Needed.” Please provide your name and a phone number in the body of the e-mail and someone from our support team will contact you shortly.

    If you are running into issues viewing the Security Questions window or other parts we suggest downloading the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. After successful download you will be able to better view these parts of the website.