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Guiding Your Technology Company from Start-up to Exit and Everywhere in Between

CPA Firm Specializing in Technology Companies

The technology industry is constantly evolving, customer demands change, and the need to scale is an ever-present goal. Technology companies in this fast-paced sector need an advisor who can foster growth from initial concept through liquidity, all the while maintaining stability and technical know-how.

Cherry Bekaert’s technology professionals serve our clients as they grow, providing customized advisory, tax, assurance, and accounting services based upon our client’s unique situation and through all phases of development, expansion and growth.

Trying to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment certainly has its challenges, and that’s where our team brings relief. We can help your technology company develop strategies for profitability, prepare for an exit, or address cybersecurity needs. Leveraging tax incentives and grants such as the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit, we can identify and claim credits that directly impact your bottom line. If your business considers international expansion, our International Tax experts can provide guidance regarding global tax considerations.

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If your technology company is seeking capital, our team can provide introductions to private equity, venture capital and alternative investment funds throughout the U.S. We work closely with dozens of tech-focused funds and have taken the time to learn the needs of each participant in a transaction. Beyond introductions, we provide valuation services, M&A advisory, and transaction tax.

No matter your needs or stage in the lifecycle, and as your technology company scales and business needs change, so too can our services to continuously guide you forward.

Who We Serve

  • Software

    Whether it’s evaluating entity structure at a company’s inception, navigating multi-state tax requirements, or preparing for an acquisition, software company management teams have weighty decisions to make throughout a company’s lifecycle. We leverage our experience working with hundreds of software companies at all stages of maturity to help your business make smart decisions now that will support future growth.

    Software companies typically move quickly and need to be able to pivot in response to ever-changing market demands while still maintaining forward momentum in innovation. Our team prepares and stays with you as you chart your course. We do this through entity selection advice, debt and equity management, sales tax reporting, nexus and strategic planning, global tax planning, and tax credits & incentives advisory.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    We understand the distinct challenges Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies face, as they continually aim to grow their customer base while simultaneously sustaining current subscribers. Churn rates, customer needs, and a competitive environment all contribute potentially complicated data. Cherry Bekaert’s technology team provides solutions to not only help your SaaS company make sense of its recurring revenue metrics, but to establish accounting infrastructure that can sustain your business model.

  • Financial Technology (Fintech)

    At the intersection of financial services and technology is an industry vertical crucial to the operations of practically every business, and one that faces ever-changing regulations. We understand the nuances businesses face in this sector, which is driven by a litany of external factors. Our work includes service to companies that offer innovative technology-driven services in areas such as payment solutions, digital banking, and electronic trade processing. To help your fintech company address needs such as strengthening cybersecurity measures, protecting data, or implementing process improvements, our team focuses on risk assessments, business process improvement, accounting advisory, information assurance, and cybersecurity.

  • Health Technology

    The demand for innovation in digital health services and tools has increased dramatically in the last couple of years as a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumer expectations for delivery of care and accessibility to data continues to drive innovation among health tech companies. While these companies explore new business models and implement technologies to improve patient outcomes, we work with them – as well as health technology investors – to ensure back-office procedures are streamlined, research & development (R&D) credits are claimed, HIPAA matters are addressed, and revenue recognition processes are accurate.

  • Biotechnology

    Biotechnology companies are under continuous pressure to innovate and expand, all while maintaining regulatory compliance. We understand the complicated nature of your business as we work with companies in all stages – from pre-revenue to publicly-traded – to advise on M&A transactions; provide tax structuring and tax credit optimization; and implement solutions to better manage risk, enable growth, and support sustainable operations. Learn more about our accounting services for life science companies.

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Commitment to the Technology Industry and its Investors

Working with and supporting organizations throughout our footprint in the U.S. that foster growth and innovation within the technology industry, our professionals are passionate about collaboration between venture communities, entrepreneurs, and technology-focused programs. The following represent a sample of the organizations we support through sponsorship, membership, or Board involvement. Each are important contributors to the growth of their respective region’s technology ecosystem.

Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services for Technology Companies

So, how can Cherry Bekaert help scale your technology business? Let us count the ways.

To help you take advantage of growth opportunities, we take a collaborative approach to digital initiatives and technology problem solving. Whether it’s evaluating the most beneficial tax structure, introducing potential funding sources, establishing formal controls, capturing tax credits & incentives such as R&D credits, or fulfilling SEC reporting requirements, you will receive guidance through all stages of your company’s lifecycle.

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Technology & Life Sciences Industry Practice Leader

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