Government Contractors

Achieving Success When Selling to the World’s Largest Buyer

For those involved in Federal contracting, compliance is just one of the many complications that you will face.  Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contractor Services Group understands the complex challenges you face in a regulated environment. Our industry specialists work with hundreds of organizations involved with federal contracting and have the technical know-how and project management experience to help you make the most of emerging opportunities while minimizing FAR, DFAR and DCAA compliance issues. We can help you realize compliance and minimize risk, and more importantly, achieve industry best practices.

With our deep focus in this industry, our audit and tax practices bring a unique approach to the government contractor community. Our experienced government contractor advisory team includes former DCAA auditors, contractor CFOs/controllers, contract directors, and banking and government procurement executives. You will benefit from proactive, integrated and timely advice based upon the holistic knowledge we bring to problem solving.

Federal Contracting covers organizations in technical services, product manufacturing and engineering, ranging from multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations, to small businesses, have benefited from our contractor consulting expertise. We’ve worked successfully with such agencies as DoD, GSA, HHS, SBA, USAID and the IRS on behalf of our Federal Contracting clients. By the way, that’s not just our opinion; in a recent survey, many of our clients gave us particularly high marks for our work on regulatory issues.

We provide innovative and tailored solutions across a wide range of service areas, including: