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Cherry Bekaert

Opportunity Zone Podcast Series for Investors

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The Opportunity Zone (“OZ”) tax incentives provide investors with potential opportunities to defer recognition of gains on sales of eligible assets, permanently reduce a portion of the deferred gains and permanently exempt any future gain with respect to reinvested proceeds. Our four-part podcast series highlights the final regulations of this program.


Opportunity Zone Series for Investors Part 1: What You Need to Know About the Final Regulations and an Overview of What is to Come

Join Richard Schneider, Partner and Chairman of Cherry Bekaert’s OZ Task Force Team and Polly Hoxha, Senior Manager and Cherry Bekaert’s OZ Champion for Washington D.C., for a discussion on OZ incentives for investors.


Opportunity Zone Series for Investors Part 2: Eligibility of Gains and Timing of Investment

In Part Two we take a dive deeper into the capital gains tax incentives and the importance of timing as it relates to the rules of the program. Join Cherry Bekaert’s Catherine Bazley, Partner, and Michael Elliot, Director, for a conversation specifically for investors and when you should consider an OZ investment. They also provide examples to further outline the importance of timing for making these investments.


Opportunity Zone Series for Investors Part 3: Key Inclusion Events

In Part Three, we dive into the triggering events that you should avoid in order to meet the guidelines under the OZ regulations. Join Cherry Bekaert’s Mark Cooter, Partner, and Shannon Makosiej, Senior Manager, for a review of events that investors should avoid in order to keep the deferred gain deferred in a qualified opportunity fund (QOF). They will also provide examples of these type of inclusion events to further outline what investors should not be doing during the holding period.


Opportunity Zone Series for Investors Part 4: Final Post 10-year Dispositions and How it Affects Investors

Join Ron Wainwright, Partner and Leader of the Firm’s Credits & Accounting Methods practice, and Jason Hoard, Partner, for a discussion on what we’re seeing nationally with respect to Opportunity Zone (“OZ”) investments, particularly in the light of COVID-19. They discuss how the current economic conditions have affected OZ investments and provide insight to possible relief. In addition, they will cover qualified opportunity fund exit strategies.