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SBA 8(a) Business Development Program: Graduation Assistance


How to Successfully Graduate from the 8(a) Program

As companies plan for 8(a) graduation, it is important to maximize 8(a) contract vehicles that will help sustain them through the transition, as well as plan and compete for full & open contracts. Companies must adapt to stay competitive as the market landscape changes and acclimate to a more competitive environment. In doing so, companies must also deal with new regulatory requirements.

8(a) Program Graduation Guidance and Assistance

We help companies position themselves to successfully graduate from the 8(a) program and go on to thrive in the federal contracting arena, providing strategic guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  • Planning and successfully executing your first acquisition including due diligence and deal structuring
  • Mentoring younger 8(a)s for post-graduation subcontracting under 8(a) program
  • Planning post-graduation strategy: how business will subcontract to other 8(a)’s, or how to replace 8(a) revenue with full & open contract revenue
  • Developing competitive bidding rates and pricing practices on larger contract vehicles like 8(a) STAR III, Oasis, CIO-SP4, Polaris, DLA JETS
  • Developing and implementing strategies on cost structure and pricing, large teaming arrangements and mature business systems and processes to compete successfully on full & open RFPs
  • Assessments and demonstrated compliance with business systems requirements (accounting, estimating, purchasing, property, EVMS, materials management)
  • Preparing for full Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) requirements and submitting initial Disclosure Statement (CASB-1)
  • Executive compensation planning to retain key players
  • Acquisition support: due diligence, quality of earnings and tax structuring for first acquisition
  • Tax planning strategies and opportunities to partially monetize success after graduation from 8(a)
  • Planning and support for a successful exit (whether an ESOP, minority equity interest, sale of strategic or financial buyer)

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