AI-Driven Solutions, Tableau Cloud and Pulse Set the Stage for Tableau Conference 2024

calendar iconApril 8, 2024

Today’s technologies are continuously evolving, and Tableau’s software from Salesforce is transforming how organizations optimize their data using cloud capabilities and the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Advancements to Tableau will be on full display at the Tableau Conference 2024, and Cherry Bekaert is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of this highly anticipated event on April 29 – May 1 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Exciting New Tableau Capabilities

In February 2024, Salesforce introduced Tableau Pulse, which is focused on delivering data that is more personalized, contextual and smart. Powered by Tableau AI, Pulse is available only for Tableau Cloud users.

Pulse and Tableau AI work in perfect harmony with each other. Tableau AI is a comprehensive, next-generation suite of AI and analytics capabilities that empowers all individuals within an organization to achieve tangible business results. It is deemed trustworthy AI, streamlining the analysis and consumption of data insights at a large scale. In its simplest form, Tableau AI is the powerhouse behind automated analytics and custom metrics using Pulse.

Looking under the hood, Pulse leverages a metrics layer, which enables metrics and KPIs to be defined and used across the organization. Layered on top is an insights platform, which is a statistical service that generates insights. Leveraging natural language processing using generative AI, insights are generated on the defined metrics. Data is then presented in a next-gen experience, where users interact with data in their workflow, enabling data to be scaled and shared across the organization.

Pulse serves as a single source of truth for all organization metrics, and it is designed to recognize patterns and variations in these metrics without the need for extensive research that is typically required when dealing with standard dashboards. In essence, it eliminates much of the manual effort required for discovery and immediately delivers valuable insights.

Users can easily consume data, identify trends and apply better decision making. Enabling every employee access to data will drive unparalleled efficiency and deliver smarter outcomes.

To understand its application further, below highlights how a sales leader might leverage Pulse:

  • A sales leader receives a daily digest from Pulse of the metrics they follow with relevant, timely insights to keep them aware of how their regions are performing
  • Tableau AI notices unusual metrics, runs an analysis and identifies potential causes. Pulse presents insights into all the information in a visual and digestible way so the sales leader can take the appropriate action
  • The sales leader can further explore and navigate the situation by posing their own questions or taking guidance from Tableau AI
  • If the sales leader needs to look further into an insight, an expandable tooltip enables them to access and easily explore underlying data
  • Insights can be shared with colleagues on Slack from Salesforce, email or mobile to collaborate and act accordingly

Using Pulse in the Cloud

A critical enabler seen in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape is cloud computing. In fact, over the next few years, cloud computing is expected to more than double, growing at a CAGR of 17.9% between 2022 and 2027.

Utilizing Pulse is only possible through Tableau Cloud, resulting in Tableau shifting much of its focus to moving more people to the cloud.

Core to pursuing technologies in the cloud, Salesforce offers countless benefits that leave little to be challenged when it comes to digital transformation and advancing business models. Cloud solutions enable faster innovation, offer flexible resources and provide economies of scale. Below are benefits to consider when migrating to Tableau Cloud and leveraging Pulse.

Real-Time Processing

Pulse empowers organizations to make faster decisions by not having to leverage a lot of the back-end oversight. Users can access insights quickly and drive prompt decisions and actionable outcomes while in the process of working.


Upgrades are automatic, eliminating the hours and resources spent on manual updates. Resources can be scaled up or down based on the data processing needs, allowing organizations to handle various loads without investing in physical infrastructure.


Unify and integrate with various data sources and applications, facilitating a more comprehensive approach to data analysis and greater opportunities for innovation.

Pulse and migrating to Tableau Cloud can help organizations advance their digital transformation efforts, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Despite the key benefits, organizations may be reluctant to move from Tableau On-Premises to Tableau Cloud. Cloud computing can still fall prey to security risks like insider threats, compliance issues, and targeted malware attacks, to name a few. However, Tableau is fully compliant in terms of SOC 2 and ISO compliance. Tableau also works with independent CPA firms to perform platform audits.

Why Cherry Bekaert?

Our team of experts is committed to helping your organization succeed using the power of Tableau. Our team of experts have years of experience in migrating organizations from an on-premises Tableau server environment to Tableau Cloud or simply helping organizations get started on their data journey with Tableau. Whether you need assistance with strategy development, implementation, or optimization, our team can work with you to identify the best solutions and provide a successful execution.

Visit us at booth #201 during Tableau Conference 2024 to learn more about the power of Tableau and migrating to the cloud. You can also learn more about preparing for Pulse and migrating to the cloud by listening to our Digital Journeys podcast.

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