Why Use a Value Added Reseller (VAR)? Benefits for Organizations

calendar iconOctober 18, 2023

“A value-added reseller (VAR) is a business that specializes in offering supplier software and technologies which may be coupled with integrations and services to enhance a product offering to its customers.”

Why Consider a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

The concept of using a VAR to purchase software and hardware can sometimes be confusing for organizations. You might ask yourself:

  • “Am I getting a better deal using a VAR?”
  • “What are the benefits of using a VAR?”
  • “Can a VAR meet my needs?”

The goal of this article is to demystify the concept of using a VAR and to explain how it can bring your organization a broad spectrum of benefits relating to software and IT equipment, along with value-added service and support.

The Value-Added Business Model

The VAR business model involves a software supplier of a given product selling directly to a third-party for the purpose of that third-party reselling the product. In a traditional reseller model, the third party sells the supplier’s product to an end user without modifications. More commonly, software and hardware value-added resellers enhance the product with technology integrations and create a personal experience for the end user through a set of defined services.

Benefits of Working with a VAR

Personalized Experience

Although the VAR benefits from selling the supplier’s product, their objective is ensuring their clients succeed. A VAR will assess a client’s business needs and provide an unbiased approach to determine the best solution. Given their extensive expertise, a VAR will have multiple products to meet client demands, meaning the client will only invest in products and services that make the most sense for the business.

Industry Experience and Expertise with Options

A VAR commonly brings expertise in specific software within key industry segments, making them critical subject matter experts. Given the complexity of system and software integrations, a VAR is equipped to manage the end-to-end lifecycle by conducting a thorough needs assessment, defining clear goals and objectives to product purchase through implementation. This may include:

  • Process Design
  • Business Requirements and Processes Roadmap
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Data Migration and Integration
  • Business Performance Reporting
  • Training, Testing and On-going Workshops
  • Go-Live and Continuous Improvement
  • Maintenance and Support

Software customization can vary greatly depending on each business requirement. A VAR understands the best methods for implementing and customizing the products they sell. As experts in a client’s business and industry segment, they can manage the more complex development and configuration needs such as building new modules and automation. Additionally, with a native understanding of the client’s business and industry, VARs understand how to leverage software to expand geographies and target markets. By increasing the value of a product through features and integrations, VARs can help companies build customer loyalty and generate new and recurring revenue streams to include the potential of cross-selling and upselling.

Reduced Internal Staff and IT Burden

Sourcing and implementing the right software and systems for an organization can be time-consuming and expensive. Likewise, identifying the right organizational stakeholders who have the comprehensive business knowledge and time available to dedicate can be a challenge. Often, an internal stakeholder may spearhead the project while attempting to meet the demands of their day job, jeopardizing the timing and budget of implementations. A VAR reduces the burden of identifying and configuring the new software/systems, enabling an organization’s staff and IT to focus on driving business value. In the long-term, a VAR can offer professional and managed services to alleviate the burden of internal software and systems management.

A Financial Justification

Not only are cost savings realized by alleviating the internal burden on staff and IT, but because of their extensive business and industry sector expertise, VARs can identify potential costs and risks in forgoing a new product by retaining an existing product. Equipped with in-depth product knowledge and training on the products they sell, VARs offer clients quick insights into how a solution can meet their needs and delivers Return on Investment (ROI) awareness for purchase justification. If licensing is involved, a VAR can assess the number of licenses needed, providing timely software renewals and add-ons to existing orders at prorated amounts, so the software scales with the client.

Increased Security

With cyber security as a top business priority, a VAR can provide a security analysis of the current and future-state systems maximizing cyber safety rigors. In doing so, VARs ensure solutions and systems across the organization are optimized for protection.

Additional Capabilities of a VAR

Experienced VARs have helped countless organizations across multiple industries successfully implement solutions that optimize every aspect of a business. Their insights into best practices for business processes and awareness of industry standards deliver significant value. For example, Cherry Bekaert Digital Advisory, a VAR for Microsoft, Sage Intacct, Tableau and Alteryx, specializes in helping organizations manage risks, enable growth and support sustainable operations by implementing relevant solutions to optimize business performance. By working with an experienced VAR, organizations can be assured they are making the best business decisions with the right solutions in place to meet their strategic objectives.

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