Protecting Your Tech Company’s Intellectual Property in a Government Contract

calendar iconFebruary 23, 2022

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Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast  Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast  Cherry Bekaert Technology Podcast

As your tech company considers working with the federal government, but has concerns about giving up its intellectual property (IP), listen to the latest episode in our podcast series where we address best practices for negotiating contracts, classifying and tracking projects, and protecting your rights.

Joining Craig Hunter in this episode is Cherry Bekaert’s Brendan Halloran, who has several years of experience working with the government in the Defense Contacting Management Agency. Together, they discuss areas a contractor should be mindful of when proposing or negotiating a contract with respect to the protection of IP as well as future potential commercialization of a technology.

Being aware of contractual issues and rights at the front end can help ensure a positive outcome for both parties. This podcast will get you thinking about the crucial steps to take for your tech company to stay protected and succeed.

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