The Wayfair Decision – Three Years Later

calendar iconJune 7, 2021

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What does the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 Wayfair ruling mean today?  How are states enforcing new nexus laws? Can remote sellers ease the burden of their complicated tax obligations?  Tax Beat hosts, Brooks and Sarah, talk to Cherry Bekaert’s State and Local Tax Practice Leader, Cathie Stanton, and Sales and Use Tax Team Leader, Lauren Stinson, to examine the impact of this milestone ruling on businesses and states, now and in the future.

The conversation includes:

  •  1:47 – Wayfair Ruling Overview
  •  4:19 – Impressions of the Ruling
  •  8:44 – Wayfair’s Impact on Different Industries
  •  15:35 – The Keys to Compliance
  •  21:28 – State Enforcement Techniques
  •  27:12 – Impact on Income & Franchise Taxes
  •  30:10 – Lessons Learned

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