What Does the Infrastructure Bill Mean for Manufacturing?

calendar iconApril 18, 2022

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In this industrial manufacturing podcast, we are diving into the complexities of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“IIJA”) and specifically how every Infrastructure program will impact the industrial manufacturing industry. Ron Wainwright, a Partner in our Tax Credits & Incentives Advisory practice is joined by Nita Sanger, a Director in our Digital Advisory practice, to dissect this once-in-a-generation $1.2 trillion package aimed at providing continuity and stability crucial to the development and investment in our communities. Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The impact the IIJA will have on the industrial industry
  • A potential resurgence of reshoring to shorten existing supply chains
  • Tangible strategies industrial businesses can implement in order to strategically access the funds and effectively align the investment with their growth strategy
  • The act of enabling the use of technology to maximize your full growth potential and to take advantage of infrastructure dollars
  • The role of modernizing technology in your overall business strategy

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