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Government & Public Sector


Transforming Government & Public Sector in the Digital Age

Government and public sector organizations are in an environment of accelerated change and greater expectations from the constituents they serve. From fluctuating budgets, new program demands, increasingly complex compliance restrictions, political priorities, potential near-term economic changes, and the need from constituents for greater access to services and a seamless digital experience, the impetus for much-needed digital transformation in government and the public sector is essential to meet these challenges, better serve constituents and accelerate transformation to a digital government today.

Cherry Bekaert’s Government & Public Sector (“GPS”) team has a deep understanding of the business of government and the complex challenges federal, state and local governments and public sector organizations face. We help government and public sector organizations transform and modernize to meet these challenges and to work in new ways. Using a digital environment with data-driven practices can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and teams allowing a better focus on their mission and delivering results to constituents.

Guiding E-Government Forward

Cherry Bekaert’s GPS practice is comprised not only of accounting professionals with the skills and knowledge you expect from a national accounting firm with a rich audit heritage, but also with advisory professionals with deep business consulting experience, many of whom have worked in government with first-hand knowledge of government business process, technology, rules and regulations, and experience working with elected office holders and career civil servants.

Whether it is federal, state or local government, as technology continues to evolve, governments must prioritize their own transformation efforts. There is a sense of urgency for governments to now be hyper focused on digital infrastructure, digital strategy, and digital security. Our priority is enabling governments to harness their full potential. Optimizing data for better decision making and service delivery is critical as is keeping the governments’ and its constituents’ data safe.

We provide innovative solutions tailored to your unique operations, challenges, and strategic goals with the ability to help digitally transform every aspect of your organization.

  • State & Local Government
    State & Local Government

    We understand the distinct challenges state and local governments face. As one of the largest providers of audit and accounting services to the state and local market, we have unique insight into the operations and business of governments. We recognize economic impacts of any kind impact state and local government first.

    At Cherry Bekaert, we focus on the areas of highest need and those that enable and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business of digital government. Our Digital Advisory practice provides specialized consulting services designed to help plan and assist with enabling your operations using the right technology. We can support you through the entire lifecycle of both large-scale digital transformations and small technology projects or provide such things as analytics as a service.

    Our Risk and Accounting Advisory team provide help managing grants, lease accounting, internal audit support, internal controls, and performance and operational audits.

    Our Audit and Assurance team is already one of the largest providers in the state and local audit and accounting space, serving clients around the nation.

    Cherry Bekaert stands ready to assist our state and local government clients to achieve their organizational goals and manage effectively, efficiently, and responsively. Many Cherry Bekaert team members have worked in government, which helps us to better understand what you are trying to achieve and the obstacles and opportunities that may exist within your organization. You will find working with our team that we have a clear sense of your priorities, goals, and objectives.

  • Federal Government
    Federal Government

    We provide specialized services to Federal government agencies and departments to help them realize their digital government modernization and reform goals while driving accountability and transparency.

    To help Federal agencies better manage risk, protect value, and build sustainable and resilient operations, our advisory and consulting practice focuses on risk assessments, lease accounting, internal controls, internal audit, grants management, financial management, business process improvement, accounting advisory, information technology, analytics, information assurance and cybersecurity.

    GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) – Professional Services Contract #47QRAA22D006H

    Cherry Bekaert holds the following U.S. General Services Administration (“GSA”) Multiple Award Schedule (“MAS”), Professional Services SINs:

    SINs Recovery SIN Title
    541211 541211RC Auditing Services
    541219 541219RC Budget and Financial Management Services
    541611 541611RC Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
    541990RISK 541990RISKRC Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services
    511210 541210RC Software Licenses
    518210C 518210CRC Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services
    54151HACS 54151HACSRC Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services
    54151S 54151SRC Information Technology Professional Services
    OLM OLMRC Order-Level Materials (OLM’s)

    We employ a wide range of technology solutions to improve the efficiency, quality, compliance, integration, and speed of our engagements. Examples of technology resources include:

    • Alteryx for data preparation, advanced analytics, and automation (Associate Partner).
    • CCH Engagement for workpaper management, allowing us to prepare, review, transfer, and manage our work in a paperless environment.
    • FiveTran for automated data extraction and management from ERPs, financial systems, marketing systems, and other standard applications.
    • IDEA data analysis software to test for ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness and ActiveData advanced data analytics and statistics to assist in understanding trends and identifying anomalies.
    • Lease Crunch software is scalable and allows CPA firms, companies, and government entities to address the biggest challenges in the new lease standard while automating the required deliverables.
    • LeaseQuery software that will meet the lease accounting needs found under SFFAS 54, GASB 87 as well as GASB 94 and 96.
    • MindBridge, which leverages artificial intelligence to detect unintentional errors and intentional misstatements, minimizing financial loss while automating our audit approach.
    • Ninetex for business process automation and robotic process automation (Certified Partner).
    • SmartSheet® for secure, web-based document management, allowing clients to seamlessly and securely transmit data files to our team.
    • Tableau for data visualization, data management and analytics (Gold Partner).

    Additionally, Cherry Bekaert is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Silver Partner for Cloud Productivity, Data Analytics and Enterprise Mobility Management.

  • Other Public Sector Organizations
    Other Public Sector Organizations

    Public sector organizations face unique issues including economic and social challenges, outdated systems, staffing shortages, and increasingly complex compliance restrictions. Navigating these matters requires implementing strategic solutions that drive transformation and optimize operations to achieve mission objectives.

    We specialize in solutions tailored to the unique needs of public sector organizations, including transportation organizations – airports, light rail, bus, toll roads, port authorities and expressways, publicly funded universities, public utilities, and public health care providers. Our team has experience with all aspects of public sector clients from mission or service delivery to internal business management.

    We offer a wide range of specialized services designed to maximize performance, drive innovation, enhance profitability, reduce expenses, and meet long-term organizational goals, including audit, lease accounting, tax, compliance, digital transformation, data and analytics, risk management, assessing and mitigating cybersecurity and privacy risks, and improving supply chain functions.

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Commitment to the Government and Public Sector

Our professionals have served in key positions on the Governmental Audit Quality Center (“GAQC”), the National Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference (“GAAC”), the State and Local Governments Expert Panel of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”), as well as participating in the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (“GASB”) Practice Fellow Program.

Additionally, we have and continue to serve on various state and local committees, as well as attend and teach at conferences hosted by the Government Finance Officer Association (“GFOA”) and the Association for School Business Officials (“ASBO”), including various state GFOA and ASBO chapters, the AGA (formerly the Association of Government Accountants), the American Association of Airport Executives (“AAAE”) and the Airports Council International (“ACI”).

Through our dedicated government professional experience and leadership roles, we bring unique insight and guidance to ensure our government and public sector clients are prepared for future developments.

Services to Strengthen Operations

Our Government & Public Sector professionals offer a wide range of services to help government and the public sector meet their missions. We work collaboratively and bring a holistic perspective, specialized expertise, and a deep knowledge of government financial and management solutions.

Over the past year, we have supported government clients with CARES Act fund distribution and management; American Recovery Plan Act (“ARPA”) compliance; the Lease Accounting Standard; the mitigation of cybersecurity risks; and agency transformation enabled by digital technology, among many other engagements.


  • Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (“ACFR”) Financial Audits
  • Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) Audits and Data Collection Forms
  • State Specific Single Audits
  • Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Audits
  • National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting
  • State Specific Required Agreed Upon Procedures and Examinations
  • Electronic Submission of Real Estate Assessment Center’s (REAC)

Accounting Advisory

  • Federal, State & Local Lease Accounting compliance services (GASB 87, SFFAS 54)
  • GASB 94 & 96 support services
  • Expert on demand GASB support services

Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

  • Security Framework Assessments and Testing


Grants Management

  • ARPA and Infrastructure Act Grants Management Support

Risk Advisory

  • A-123 Support Services
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Fraud and Investigative Services
  • Program Integrity Monitoring
  • Internal Audit Support and Co-Sourcing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Performance Reviews and Audit (yellow book)
  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plans
  • IT Audits and Reviews
  • Interim/Fractional CXO Services
  • Procurement Process Review and Restructuring

Technology Strategy & Implementation

  • Project and Program Management
  • IT System Requirements and Design
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Budget System and Process Consulting
  • Procurement to Payment (P2P)
  • Built for Purpose Business Solutions and Technology
  • Procurement Support and Negotiations
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