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Grants Management Services

Streamline Your Funding Process with Professional Guidance

In today’s environment, organizations face a wide range of challenges with grants management. Grant management is commonly known as a high-risk area in an organization’s financial management system and reflects the internal control efficiency and effectiveness of the entire organization. Organizations must also stay compliant with extensive rules and regulations stipulated by various donors, often under enormous public pressure of transparency, with limited time and resources. As a result, many may not be adequately staffed to effectively manage and report on grants in compliance with donor requirements.

Our grant lifecycle management assistance provides end-to-end solutions for federal and state funds management and compliance. We implement state-of-the-art technologies to enhance data visualization, reimagine grants management workflow and drive maximum compliance through digital transformation platforms tailored to your organization’s needs.

Cherry Bekaert’s grant management services team members have worked in government and the private sector, allowing us to better understand what you are trying to accomplish and the obstacles and opportunities that your organization may face.

Our Grant Management Consulting Services

Grant Management Consulting Services

Pre-Award Grant Readiness Services

  • Grant Research and Application Writing
  • Grant-Ready Assistance

Post-Award Grant Compliance and Operational Support

  • Grant Manager Outsourcing Solution, Including Full Grant Management as-a-Service
  • Grant Compliance Advisory and Single Audit Finding Mitigation
  • Grant Internal Control Evaluations and Gap Analysis
  • Grants Policies and Procedures Development
  • Grant-Ready Training Package for Both Prime and Subgrantee

Organizational Indirect Cost Analysis

  • NICRA Application Assistance
  • Organizational Indirect Cost Calculation and Structure Analysis
  • Cost Recovery Eligibility

Grant Technology Solutions

  • ERP Based Grant Workflow Digitalization
  • Grant Management Software Implementation

Cherry Bekaert’s Grant Management Lifecycle Solution

Cherry Bekaert has the experience, time, tools, processes and knowledge to combat the challenges organizations face with grant lifecycle management. Our grant management services provide immediate responses with minimum ramp-up periods, consistent support throughout the grant years, and comprehensive close-outs.

Grant Opportunity Research and Application

Industry Expert Led Grant Opportunity Research and Application

We assist you in navigating the vast opportunities federal grants provide and identify the funding which benefits your organization and community the most. We provide professional grant application writing and donor inquiry response coaching, helping you pave the way to more funding opportunities.

Readying Your Organization for Government Grants

Readying Your Organization for Government Grants

Grant dollars coming from the government has more strings attached compared to those that come from private donations. Organizations must stay compliant with extensive rules and regulations stipulated by government entity donors, often under enormous public pressure of transparency, and faced with limited time and resources. As a result, many may not be adequately structured and staffed to effectively manage and report on grants in compliance with donor requirements. Cherry Bekaert performs “Grant Ready” services where we directly collaborate with leadership to design a grant management function within your organization to help you manage government grants with confidence.

Grant Compliance Maturity Test

Performing Grant Compliance Maturity Test

Whether your organization is receiving its very first grant or already has a long history of administering grant funding, the compliance status of your grants is always on everyone’s mind. We can help you take the pressure off by performing grant expenditure allowability evaluation, grant specific procurement process reviews, as well as best-practice based subrecipient and contractor monitoring and evaluation so control and compliance gaps are identified and mitigated before auditors or donors come knocking on your door.

Grant Lifecycle ERP Implementation

Navigating Grant Lifecycle ERP Implementation

Grants jobs requiring manual data entry and reporting is no longer attracting qualified candidates. A study has shown that workload and motivation are among the top eight reasons for staff departure. The extra workload created by lack of automation is hurting staff motivation and contributes to the high turnover in this field.

Cherry Bekaert is positioned to solve this challenge by partnering with AmpliFund, an end-to-end grants management software solution. With AmpliFund, we can provide full dashboard and transaction level access for all your individual grant and departmental level data, a centralized filing and record keeping structure fully in compliance with audit requirements, automated internal workflow and alert notifications to enhance collaboration and keep track of your deadlines, and customized financial report design to reduce your manual efforts and increase reporting accuracy.

Grant Manager Program

Full Cycle Bridge-the-Gap Grant Manager Program

About three-quarters of CPAs are now at or near retirement age, and the pipeline looks thin as the percentage of new workforce entering this field is trending downwards. Many organizations are seeing decades of institutional knowledge walking out the door without a sufficient pipeline to replace needed resources. Cherry Bekaert is providing a unique program designed to assist clients who are experiencing staff transitions in the grants or finance department. You will be provided with a full Grant Management as-a-Service assistance. We will address your grant management needs as well as provide you with grant position design/job description development support and new hire training and onboarding services so that you will be able to on-board and retain in- house talent.

Grant Audit Finding Mitigation Roadmap

Creating and Implementing Audit Finding Mitigation Roadmap

In this day and age when public trust and fiscal responsibility lie in the center of governance, it is increasingly critical to respond to funding agencies with corrective action plans and a long-term compliance strategy to address identified audit findings. With our deep audit heritage, Cherry Bekaert will work with you side by side to tackle each audit finding and develop and implement corrective action plans to build a solid foundation for future clean audits.

Analyzing Organization Cost Structure and Achieving Full Cost Recovery

Analyzing Organization Cost Structure and Achieving Full Cost Recovery

Are you subsidizing a grant? Agencies spend on average 30% to 40% of total program cost on indirect costs to support federally funded grant programs. However, rarely do they ever charge that to the program. Which rate makes sense for your cost recovery, NICRA or Federal De minimis? Subsiding should always be a conscious choice, not an unfortunate oversight. Let’s talk!

For more information, contact our Indirect Cost Services team.

Cost Allocation Plan & Indirect Cost Rate Preparation Services

Let us assist you with cost allocation plans, NICRA establishment, and grant funding optimization through indirect cost recovery. We’re here to help.

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