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Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance and Managed Services

How Can Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance and Managed Services Help Grow Your Business?

Sales & Use Tax is not simple or easy—but we’re here to help.

What is Sales Tax Compliance?

When specific criteria set by a taxing jurisdiction is met, the taxpayer must register with the jurisdiction, report taxable transactions, secure a sales tax certificate and pay sales tax.

Leveraging more than 20 years of industry knowledge, Cherry Bekaert’s professionals provide a unique perspective on sales tax compliance with the depth of knowledge in tax laws, regulatory requirements, and tax technology.

Sales and Use Tax Outsourcing Services

As your business grows, sales tax compliance obligations multiply, often becoming overwhelming and out of control. Fortunately, companies can step away from their expanding sales tax obligations with confidence that these responsibilities will be managed in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

Cherry Bekaert will complete all the steps leading up to and including filing your sales tax returns with our outsourced sales tax compliance service. Additionally, we offer sales tax management services to monitor and oversee your sales and use tax compliance software, ensuring accurate, and timely sales tax reporting services.

Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax professionals will manage all aspects of your sales and use tax compliance with affordable services and personalized attention. Our turnkey process is adapted to your business. We will meet your compliance needs monthly, quarterly, and annually, as needed. We work independently, but you always have direct access to experienced consultants who are dedicated to your company.

Comparison of Sales Tax Compliance Options


Automation Tax Engine


Time intensive for staff

Staff responsible for data analysis and problem solving

Turnkey process adapted to your business

Limited technical expertise

Multiple ERP systems create challenges

Confidently meet compliance requirements with less demand on your time and resources

No back-up plan for redundancy of resources

Limited technical support and personal service

Partnership to provide sales tax support to meet all your sales tax needs

Benefits of Our Sales Tax Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing your sales tax compliance with Cherry Bekaert or relying on us to manage your sales tax compliance software, gives you more time and resources to manage and grow your business. Our depth of experience allows us to understand your industry and potential sales tax exposure, as well as mitigating future risks and tax penalties. Through our focused approach within the technology, industrial, e-Commerce industry sectors, we are perfectly positioned to guide you through all of the complexities of a changing regulatory landscape. Explore our sales tax service offerings including:

The Difference between Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance and Managed Services
With Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance, Cherry Bekaert files the returns on your behalf. With Managed Services, we oversee compliance through your tax automation engine.

Sales Tax Managed Services

Cherry Bekaert will oversee every step of your sales tax compliance through your sales and use tax automation engine. We will monitor your nexus footprint, address new nexus obligations, review your automated tax filing services, and respond to notices.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Quarterly Nexus Review
  • Monthly Review of Liability Worksheets
  • Notice Response
  • Platform Configuration
  • Routine Sales Tax Questions

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What Are My Nexus Requirements?

If your business meets the requirements for having Nexus in a specific state, you must register, collect, and remit sales taxes on applicable sales. Each state has different requirements that change frequently and there are multiple taxing jurisdictions. View the Most Recent Economic Nexus Requirements by State.

For more information on how we can guide your forward, read more about our Sales Tax Nexus Services.

10 Surprising Activities That Trigger Nexus for Sales Tax

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