Usage and Impacts of Overhead and Other Indirect Rates

calendar icon October 28, 2020

Overhead and indirect rates are more than just calculations used for billing purposes or State DOT submissions. Indirect rates can be used as an effective management tool and consideration should be given to “rate optics”, pricing for advantageous proposals, and audit considerations for AASHTO and State DOTs.

Join experts from Cherry Bekaert’s Professional Services and Government Contracting Industry practices for a webinar where they will discuss:

  • The use of indirect rates as a management tool.
  • ‘Rate Optics’ and how to interpret rates based on uses and clients.
  • Consideration of AASHTO and State DOTs Compliance.
  • The basis for rates, how to prepare for audit, current trends, accounting system considerations and industry and management impacts.

Moderator & Speakers

  • Moderator | Scott Duda, CPA, Partner, Assurance Services, Professional Services Industry Practice Leader
  • Speaker | Brynn McNeil, CPA, Partner, Assurance Services, Government Contracting and Professional Services industry practices
  • Speaker | Eric Poppe, Senior Manager, Government Contracting Industry Practice