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Modern, Industry-Aligned Platform Solutions

Transform Your Business with the Right Tools

At Cherry Bekaert, we integrate modern solutions, which can save your organization time, money, and transform your business.

Through our alliances, we blend modern technology and a thoughtful mix of tools that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud services, and mobility and security solutions that can help your business in numerous areas, including:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Driving innovation and new capabilities
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Improving customer experience with tailored solutions

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory practice provides strategic and tactical support to businesses positioning them for long-term growth.

Digital Advisory Service Solutions Aimed to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Creating strong industry-aligned solutions starts with embracing technology, fostering innovation, and building a connected workforce. We support the unique needs of both middle-market and enterprise organizations across multiple industries:

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Our real-time industry solutions offer guidance and tangible solutions through industry leading, award-winning digital platforms such as Microsoft and Salesforce. Our solutions resonate with our clients’ unique challenges and opportunities and deliver measurable outcomes in Analytics, Automation, Sustainability, and Innovation including:

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of new AI applications, such as Microsoft Copilot or Tableau Pulse, to create more efficiencies, filling skill gaps, and bolstering bottom line results.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline everyday processes, make data-driven decisions, and advance business productivity.

Custom Cloud Applications

Leverage the full power of Azure, the Power Platform and other solutions, enabling users to build, deploy, and manage custom applications and workflows.

Enterprise Content Management and Intranet

Drive efficiency by streamlining business processes through management, storage, and organization of your business document, such as centralizing and securing document management that is easily searchable.


Foster innovation by combining data and knowledge management to automate business processes, such as sharing information or solving business programs anytime and anywhere.


Unlock your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy with robust reporting capabilities.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage with Analytics Solutions

    Our Analytics Solutions focus on preparing your data for digital transformation through sophisticated dashboards that drive actionable insight.

    Our core offerings include accelerator dashboards, QuickStart assessment and data readiness. Through our data-driven approach, we strategically connect our platforms and services utilizing technologies and services such as: Microsoft, Salesforce, Strategic Growth & Innovation Services, and Risk & Accounting Advisory Services.

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  • Optimize Processes With Automation Solutions and Artificial Intelligence

    Our Automation Solutions drive organizational efficiencies, improve business processes and improve internal and external stakeholder experiences. Our team can help you eliminate manual and tedious tasks by automating workflows using the Microsoft Power Platform. This allows you to allocate your resources on tasks that drive the most value to your organization.

    Accelerate your adoption of AI. Our professionals bring real-world AI solutioning experience. Our Accelerator methodology helps your people understand how leading “out of the box” AI solutions can enhance insights, productivity – even creativity. Our interactive approach also involves working with your people to identify, prioritize and solution a roadmap of AI initiatives that can bring meaningful business results and propel you along your AI Journey.

    Drive better experiences, be more data-driven and enjoy lower envelope pricing compared to popular electronic signature platforms by switching to a modern eSig platform that allows you to manage your entire signature operations in the Microsoft cloud. Built on modern and developer-friendly technology, our Verdocs eSignature automation solutions and accelerators allow companies to automate, and save money on, mission critical business operations involving electronic signatures.

    Having the right processes and framework in place will help you on your automation journey. We offer Automation as a Strategy, which brings multiple methods together into one solution. It combines enterprise strategy, democratized ideation, center of excellence and solution launch & benefits realization management – into a simple engagement model that ultimately is “powered by your people.”

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  • Reach Your ESG Goals with Our Sustainability Solutions

    The ecosystem related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requires a professional services partner who understands all aspects of the space. Cherry Bekaert brings together regulatory, industry, and technology expertise and solutions – enhanced by our technology alliances – conveniently bundled into an integrated services and solutions offering.

    Our focus areas include industrial manufacturers and consumer goods companies, renewable power plants, solar farm transaction structuring, innovators adopting energy transition solutions and companies implementing ESG strategies.

    Our bundled services include:

    • Power purchase agreements
    • Carbon accounting and reporting
    • Site selection
    • Tax credits and incentives advisory
    • Carbon offsets advisory
  • Unlock Business Opportunities with Innovative Solutions

    We have successfully helped our clients productize their digital assets and launch their offerings on leading marketplaces.

    We offer an accelerator framework for managing innovations operations, from capturing and prioritizing ideas to getting ready for launch and then going to market. We will tailor this framework to help you manage digital transformation as we partner with you to establish an in-house incubation and accelerator capability. Our specialized solutions will assist you in growth and innovation at a rapid pace.

    Additionally, our Strategic Growth & Innovation Solutions practice can help organizations better manage, innovate, collaborate, expand, and launch new initiatives. We take a deep dive into your business and markets to help you develop a growth strategy and innovation process that fits your organization – yielding tangible and actionable insights that can be implemented for your unique needs to achieve profitable growth.

    We help companies evaluate bold growth opportunities with portfolio management, capability building, customer and market segmentation, pricing, innovation strategy, generative (ethnographic) and evaluative research, market testing, launch planning and more.

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