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The Next Step on Your Digital Transformation Journey Starts Now

Digitally-enabled organizations can better predict, innovate, perform, and compete—differentiators for any organization, but especially for middle-market companies who are continually striving to do more with less.

Transform, Optimize and Execute Your Digital Strategy

Digital transformation requires transforming your business model and is rooted in digitalization and automation driving positive client experiences, performance, innovation, and growth. Companies that build robust—but agile—digitally-driven operating environments with data-driven practices and digital products, along with scalable supply chains, will be far ahead of their competition.

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory Practice provides strategic and tactical support to clients in a rapidly evolving and complex marketplace. We meet you where you are in your journey and guide you on the proper steps to transform, optimize and execute your digital journey. Leveraging Cherry Bekaert’s 5R process can help your organization digitally transform every aspect of your business and position it for continued growth.

About Our Digital Advisory Services

“Applying innovative, digitally transformative solutions allows companies to compete in a more informed way, so they are able to work at the speed of digital instead of the speed of analog.”
Kevin Baril, Partner, Digital Advisory

Contact Our Digital Advisory Team

Your Digital Transformation Guide

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory team drives transformation and helps middle-market companies grow by bringing together people, processes, technology, and culture to help businesses sustain and flourish in the digital age. Our team is comprised of strategists, technologists and analysts who have broad industry experience and keen business acumen. We facilitate important change in productive and cost-effective ways by helping companies predict outcomes with data and artificial intelligence, while adopting and applying relevant technologies to optimize performance.

Your digital transformation journey starts where you are today. Let us help guide you along the way.

How Can Outsourcing Your Accounting Function Optimize Business Growth?
Our digital solution-driven, industry-aligned Client Accounting Services (CAS) provide clients with an experienced team at a fraction of the cost. By outsourcing these services, leadership can focus on strategy, growth and development of core operations while having access to the talent and expertise to achieve your strategic vision. Learn more >

Learn How Artificial Intelligence is a Gamechanger

We Meet You Where You Are

  • Understand your Customer
    Understand your Customer

    Knowing your customer fuels business and opportunity.

    To improve the experience of your customers, it is critical to establish a fully enabled digital ecosystem for client understanding and connectivity.

  • Optimize your Operations
    Optimize your Operations

    Effective and efficient operations drive critical performance.

    Businesses that have integrated digital innovations—such as automation, collaboration and data analytics—into their operations run efficiently and are better positioned for future growth.

  • Protect your Business
    Protect your Business

    Businesses need to be resilient and offer a trusted digital environment.

    Ensuring a strong cybersecurity architecture with an impenetrable foundation focused on the security, privacy, and reliability of an organization’s underlying systems will be mission-critical to mitigate risk and minimize disruption.

  • Innovate for Growth
    Innovate for Growth

    In the age of digital, every company is a data company.

    Analytics can help reinvent business models and allow organizations to compete—and scale—in a more informed way. Digitally enabled organizations engage and empower employees, fostering their curiosity and encouraging experimentation to take risks and resolve challenges.

  • Enable your Workforce
    Enable your Workforce

    The world of work is moving in new directions.

    Digital workforces are empowered by digital solutions that enable collaboration and communication at any time from any location on any device.

Digital Services

Digital Strategy &
Transformation Services

Learn more about Cherry Bekaert's Digital Strategy & Transformation services...

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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Services

Learn more about Cherry Bekaert’s Data Analytics & Business Intelligence services and how we can...

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Managed IT Security Services

Learn more about our IT Infrastructure Managed Services & how we can help your business...

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Fractional CxO Services

Learn more about Interim CXO Services and how our C-level executives can enable and accelerate...

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Business Process Optimization and Workflow Automation Services

Optimizing for Growth Process improvement and integrated automation is key to your business performance reaching its...

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Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms to Accelerate Transformation In today’s world, digital resources can help you gain better control...

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Accounting Services

Our Outsourced Accounting Services provide clients with an experienced team at a fraction of the...

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Industries We Help

Professional Services

Our Digital Advisory team can offer technology solutions that will enable your business to meet the changing needs of your customers, operations, and employees. See how we help organizations improve operations and business practices. Learn more.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our holistic approach is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your industry. Learn how we can help transform your business model to leverage technology to your competitive advantage. Learn more.


New technologies are emerging daily and coming to market to address multiple aspects of your operations. Learn how we can help you benefit from new technologies. Learn more.

Government & Public Sector

Government agencies are looking to drive new insights and make informed decisions based off specific data points. Learn how we are helping Government Services expand the power of data. Learn more.

Private Equity

Business and profit optimization is at the forefront of any Private Equity investor and management team dialogue. A digital transformation strategy can be essential for optimizing investment performance. Learn more.

Other Industries

Other industries that we can support include Government Contractors, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hospitality & Retail, Not-for-Profits, and Real Estate & Construction. Learn more.

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