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Sales & Use Tax 


How Can I Minimize Risk and Maximize My Peace of Mind?

What is Sales and Use Tax?

Sales tax is imposed by many state and local jurisdictions on purchases of taxable products and services in their areas. Sellers who have Nexus in these locations collect the tax from customers and remit it to jurisdictions.

Use tax is remitted to the state by a buyer of taxable items when the buyer purchases a taxable product in the state and the seller did not collect and remit sales tax.

It is no secret that Nexus is complicated. There are a multitude of considerations to observe including your sales tax obligations, regulatory requirements, and the vast changes to the way buyers are buying and how sellers are selling. Each transaction and business strategy is unique. Because the essence of sales tax is so complicated, especially with rapidly changing legislation, and sales and use tax laws varying by state, the application of regulations can be intricate. How sales and use tax liabilities are addressed impacts a business’s legal and financial wellbeing.

Cherry Bekaert’s sale & use tax practice is consistently staying informed with these complicated tax considerations to take the burden off of you and your teams.

Our sales & use tax professionals specialize in navigating these unique sales tax issues impacting these core sectors:

Cherry Bekaert will help reduce your tax risk and ease the sales tax compliance obligations with the following sales and uses tax services:

Sales Tax Nexus & Registration Services

  • Economic Nexus Analysis
  • Historical Nexus Responsibilities
  • Sales Tax Nexus Studies
  • Sales Tax Registrations
  • Sales Tax Return Filings
  • Taxability Review

Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance

  • Outsourced Compliance
  • Sales Tax Managed Services

Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services

  • Taxability
  • Remediation
  • Tax Technology
  • Tax Audit Defense
  • Exception Certificate Management

Sales Tax Training

  • Customized Sales Tax Training
  • State-specific Sales Tax Training

Reverse Audit Services

  • Identify sales & use tax overpayments
  • Manage the refund process
  • Offer training to improve decision-making processes

Cherry Bekaert sales tax advisors are focused on minimizing your sales tax exposure and maximizing your sales tax savings. We find your problem areas, improve your sales tax processes, and put systems in place to help you manage your sales and use tax procedures long term.

Let us take the weight of sales & use tax off your shoulders. Contact us to discuss your sales tax concerns and evaluate solutions.

Contact Our Sales & Use Tax Team

“Our team is dedicated to solving Sales & Use Tax challenges. We specialize in helping reduce current and future tax liabilities by recovering overpaid taxes, improve your sales tax processes and help you put systems in place to manage your sales and use tax procedures long-term.”

-Lauren Stinson, Principal, Sales & User Tax Leader, Cherry Bekaert

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Principal, Sales & Use Tax Leader

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