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Fixed Asset Services

What Is A Fixed Asset Review?

A fixed asset review is a deep dive into your assets and depreciation. We calculate your fixed asset valuation, and help you with your fixed asset management process as a part of our review analysis. Reviewing and managing your fixed assets will help you gain a better sense of security and clarity into your possessions and taxes.

Cherry Bekaert Offers Five Distinct Service Offerings Under Fixed Asset Services:

Unit of Property Determination

In the case of a building, each building and its structural components is one unit of property. We can help you determine whether an improvement is to the building unit or one of the buildings. We can also help you determine if an investment is a fixed asset and determine your fixed asset valuation for each building.

Production Asset Review

With a production asset review, we examine your discrete and major functions to properly define the unit of property for production assets.

Repair and Maintenance Expense Review

During a repair and maintenance expense review, we analyze your current year assets to determine if they should be capitalized or expensed.

Partial Disposition Analysis

Partial disposition analysis identifies old building components or other asset components and determines the undepreciated cost remaining and the deductions for the disposal loss.

Identification of Class Life Changes

Our analysis of your assets determines the correct class life for your possessions.


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