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Salesforce Implementation & Consulting Services

What Makes Our Salesforce Practice Different?

Cherry Bekaert is a leading digital advisor for middle market companies. Our mission is to make a difference for our people, clients, communities and professions.

Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory practice focuses on helping businesses with specific industry solutions. We bring a depth of experience across many industry sectors, including Industrial Manufacturing, Professional Services and Technology. Our experienced consultants help unlock actionable insights from your data while enabling greater data literacy across your organization.

As a trusted advisor, we provide digitally driven, industry-aligned solutions. We help with:

  • Architecture strategy
  • Visual analytics
  • Data and process governance
  • Licensing & managed services

Let us help your organization ignite growth by quickly assessing, transforming, automating and sustaining business strategies based upon business priorities, operational needs, strategic plans and budget.

Why Net Zero Cloud?

Climate disclosures and regulations for carbon accounting and reporting are evolving quickly across the globe. Organizations can use Net Zero Cloud to provide accurate data during the reporting process as they strive to minimize their environmental impact.

Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data management and reporting can be a complex and resource-intensive task. Net Zero Cloud offers a streamlined solution that helps organizations track their progress toward reducing their environmental footprint.

Net Zero Cloud leverages the strength of Salesforce’s core platform and ecosystem, providing organizations with power data visualization, carbon accounting information and climate action details. The reports and dashboards are easy to ready and can display patterns and trends that impact your business.

Net Zero Cloud Features

Manage ESG data – Connect with other apps, systems and suppliers for maximum efficiency and returns.

Automate ESG reporting – Keep up with changing reporting mandates, with framework specific report builders, completed with the help of Einstein AI.

Establish program-specific forecasting – Set program specific goals, forecast outcomes, according to various scenarios and strategies, and track your progress against them.

Ignite actionable insights – Dashboards provide a deeper look into energy uses and emissions data such as company buildings, data centers and company-owned vehicles.

Leverage supplier engagement dashboards – On the Supplier Ranking Dashboard, users can see an estimate of each of the supplier’s emissions on their respective Sustainability Scorecards

Net Zero Cloud for Businesses

Cherry Bekaert is proud to be a Salesforce Partner and is one of the few providers who can sell the Net Zero Cloud license.

We can:

  • Implement and integrate Net Zero Cloud for your organization and into existing systems.
  • Customize the platform for optimal ESG data management.
  • Track and report data for your, freeing up time for your organization to focus on other important tasks.

Carbon Disclosure Mandates

In October 2023, two California laws mandating carbon disclosure were signed into law. The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (SB 253) will require more than 5,000 U.S. corporations earning over $1 billion in global gross revenues and doing business in California to annually report their greenhouse gas emissions.

A second bill (SB 261) requires all public and private entities conducting business in California with a total annual revenue of at least $500 million to biennially publicly report their direct and utility emissions, climate-related risks and efforts to address them.

If a reporting entity fails to file, files late or violates the provisions of SB 253, the California Air Resources Board has the authority to impose administrative penalties of up to $500,000 per year under these regulations.

Additionally, carbon accounting is a quantitative, compliance-heavy exercise that requires detailed recordkeeping that must be verifiable. As a CPA and advisory firm, Cherry Bekaert can help your company comply with carbon accounting and reporting requirements.

Visualize Data in a Transformative Way with Tableau and AI Capabilities

In today’s world, it’s critical to use data to drive optimal business outcomes. Tableau is a powerful platform that can assists in tasks ranging from data organization to indexing to searching and administration. We can help you get started in multiple ways.

Migrate Tableau platform to the Cloud, providing you with additional capabilities and enabling you to take advantage of AI tools.

Assist with licensing management, transforming your data into actionable insights that will optimize your organization.

Deploy Tableau for you and administer a scalable, high-performance environment that supports your analytics strategy.

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse provides AI-powered insights to scale data-driven decision making. It offers personalized and contextual insights that seamlessly integrate into daily workflows. By enabling every member of your organization to access data-driven insights, Tableau Pulse empowers better and faster decision-making across the board.

We can help you get started on your Tableau Pulse journey leveraging the following approach:

  • Define your ambition: What is the leadership team’s ambition? How does AP play into this ambition today? What are your business’s primary pain points? What market pressures are you facing today?
  • Assess your readiness: What processes can benefit from Tableau Pulse? How ready is your data in terms of availability, quality and governance?
  • Prioritize and test: We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of where AI will (and will not) provide benefit to your team. We will also provide a clear, prioritized roadmap for AI deployment.

Other Salesforce Solutions

We also provide solutions in Robotic Process Automation, Salesforce Service Cloud GPT and Sale Cloud GPT. We will assist your organization enhance customer service operations by recommending and implementing the right Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud AI features aligned with business goals and customer needs.


Cherry Bekaert can offer you Tableau training whether you are a beginner or more advanced user of Tableau. We have a program designed for your skill level. We also can provide training using other Salesforce solutions.

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