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Today’s mid-size companies are looking for more efficient and innovative ways to drive revenue, empower employees and respond to customer needs. As a Microsoft partner, Cherry Bekaert’s Certified Professionals identify and integrate solutions to eliminate performance obstacles driving maximum value and ROI. Our team of strategists, technologists and analysts utilize an agile approach to help you examine your business objectives and work alongside of you to digitally enable your people, processes, technology, and culture.

With broad industry experience and keen business acumen, we will ensure a comprehensive and seamless experience in the planning, implementation, adoption, and support of your Microsoft investment. Let us start with an assessment of your current environment and then guide you on best path forward to reach your goals.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: AI and Sustainability with Azure & Power Platform

Our Microsoft Implementation Services

Automate Workflows with Power Automate

Eliminate manual and tedious tasks so your teams can focus on practices and opportunities that power performance. Microsoft Power Automate is a user-friendly automation software with simple navigation enabling teams to streamline processes with rules-based logic. As a key component of Business Process Management (BPM), an automated workflow solution can optimize key functional areas in your organization such as finance, operations, sales and marketing.

Power Automate your workflows in areas such as:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Follow up and reply tasks
  • Deadline reminder and approval tasks
  • Event triggers and auto-assigning tasks

Drive Innovation with Microsoft Azure

Reimagine your business in the cloud so your teams can deliver quick, cost-effective and scalable value that matters. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure that provides organizations with tools and services to run their daily business more efficiently. Easily scale your resources to meet growing business demands while improving performance and reducing costs.

Microsoft Azure is widely used across industries in the following areas:

  • Run applications
  • Store and analyze data
  • Software development
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence

Customize Applications with Microsoft Power Apps

Solve your operational needs and business challenges so your teams can deliver on task. Microsoft Apps is a rapid-development custom building app software. Foster citizen development and democratize your data with low-code no-code app development connecting your consumers, employees, products, and processes across a unified platform.

Build a business Microsoft Power App to automate complex and tedious processes:

  • Customize apps to solve unique challenges
  • Develop cross-platform apps
  • Leverage secure storage solutions
  • Minimize app development costs
  • Integrate apps with artificial intelligence capabilities, other tools and suites

Enable Insights with Microsoft Power BI

Easily connect to your data sources so your teams can visualize and discover impactful insights that fuel smarter business decisions. Microsoft Power BI is a visualization and data discovery tool enabling your teams to see and discover insights in real-time. With an array of software services, apps, and connectors, convert unrelated and raw data into visually immersive, actionable insights and information.

How do Insights work? Power BI searches different subsets of your dataset and applies a set of sophisticated algorithms to discover potentially interesting insights. Users can run Insights on dashboard tiles, report visuals, and report pages.

Power BI is a phenomenal tool for organizations looking to launch, prioritize and grow their business through data-driven intelligence efforts.

Power BI empowers organizations to create data-driven cultures in the following areas:

  • Image recognition, text analytics and creates machine learning models
  • Analyze and share big data
  • Push and stream real-time visual updates
  • Extensive data sources support and integration
  • Customizable security features

Some common components of Power BI include:

  1. Power Query – Discover, connect, combine, and refine data sources to meet analysis need.
  2. Power Pivot – Create data models and establishes relationship calculations.
  3. Power View – Create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals.
  4. Power Map – Visualize 3-D data.
  5. Power BI Desktop – Get everything under the same solution to develop BI and data analysis experience.

Virtualize Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Work from anywhere on any device in a unified organized manner so your teams perform better together. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app enabling teams to collaborate, host virtual meetings and share documents in real-time.

A coherent and standardized collaboration and communication process is essential to organizations of all sizes and across an industry. One of the ways that organizations can ensure their business collaborates optimally is by using a platform that allows for a combination of communication methods. Teams does just this.

Teams is designed to simplify group work with easy-to-use channels for group chats, enabling users to work faster, smarter, and better together. Teams is also designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to learn so users can concentrate on performing their jobs more effectively.

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams to achieve better together in the following areas:

  • Question style chats for quick answers
  • Effortless scheduling and video calls
  • API’s and seamless integration tools
  • Built in security, compliance and manageability of documents

Additionally, Teams is included in your Office 365 subscription and is a great way to get employees to move away from the more traditional email threads and multiple attachments and become more comfortable with streamlined collaboration.

Enable Fully Embedded Electronic Signature Experiences Using Verdocs

Verdocs, available in Microsoft’s AppSource and Teams App Store, enables the first fully embeddable eSignature experience within Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud.

  • Control the eSigning lifecycle (build, send, manage) all within Microsoft Teams
  • Build eSignature-enabled Power Apps and configure simple or complex workflows with Verdocs’ Premium Power Automate connectors
  • Integrate Verdocs seamlessly within SharePoint, OneDrive, and (coming soon!) Outlook
  • Deploy powerful eSignature experiences within your Dynamics 365 ERP, CRM, and Field Service applications to accelerate document workflows

Enable efficient workflow automation, and deliver better experiences – for example:

  • Get out of sending redlined documents back and forth in email – and into a secure document collaboration governed by stateflow and routing engines
  • Create, manage, and utilize standard templates – including templates that are populated from various systems – which is difficult to automate using siloed and costlier eSig platforms
  • Employ events-based automation (like sending a standard contract after changing a CRM Opportunity status; or update an Opportunity status to Won after a contract is signed)
  • Visibility into document or workflow status
  • Easily incorporate AI into your workflows – analyzing both content “at rest” as well as content “in motion” – for example canceling an eSig session if the materials about to be signed contain certain values or verbiage

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