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Sales Tax Nexus & Registration Services

How Can I Manage Sales Tax Nexus Requirements?

The scope of nexus-creating activities has expanded. If left unaddressed the exposure is costly to growing businesses expanding their footprint across multiple states. Monitoring your nexus by state and meeting your sales tax obligations is imperative to your company’s financial stability. Our tax professionals will determine which states to register, collect, and report for nexus through our sales tax registration process.

What is Sales Tax Nexus?

Sales tax nexus is a physical or economic connection that a taxpayer creates with a taxing jurisdiction that requires the taxpayer to remit sales tax to the jurisdiction when taxable transactions occur.

Cherry Bekaert offers a full range of services to identify your nexus footprint and address your sales tax obligations.

“Nexus tax laws are very time consuming and cumbersome. Cherry Bekaert’s helpful in setting up our tax accounts with each state and working with Avalara to integrate everything. We will definitely be using them again once we cross Nexus for our other company for our peace of mind.” – E-Commerce Company

Why Choose Cherry Bekaert for Sales Tax Registration Services?

Cherry Bekaert offers a seasoned team of professionals with decades of experience helping companies with sales tax registrations.

We understand that registering with states and correctly applying sales tax laws to your products and services is critical saving sales tax dollars and minimizing exposure.

Cherry Bekaert offers a seasoned team of professionals with deep experience helping companies identify and meet sales tax nexus and registration requirements. We can guide you through the following sales tax areas:

  1. Nexus Studies
  2. Taxability Review
  3. Registration
  4. eFile Account Set Up
  5. Shopping Cart and Marketplace Sales Tax Configuration
  6. Tax Technology Implementations
  7. Resale Certificates
  8. Cancellations

Explore our additional service offerings including:

Let us take the weight of Sales & Use Tax burdens off of your shoulders.

“Cherry Bekaert is who we trust to file our state sales tax registrations. In talking with them initially, it was very apparent that they had a full understanding of the process and the nuances and understood the perspective of a small mid-sized ecommerce seller. They continue to stay on top of the rapidly evolving state sales tax landscape and that’s why we keep returning to them to help us.” – Large Online Retailer

Contact Our Sales Tax Nexus & Registration Team

  • What is Economic Nexus?

    States now collect sales tax on taxable transactions from out-of-state sellers with no physical presence in the states if they have created an economic presence. This economic nexus is established when remote sellers meet each state’s thresholds for number of transactions in the state and/or sales into the state.

    Nexus requirements differ by state. Keeping up with changing laws across multiple jurisdictions can be incredibly burdensome. Then comes the need to navigate each state’s unique registration process and sales tax compliance obligations.

  • How Can I Meet My Sales Tax Registration Requirements?

    Sales tax registration requirements are complicated and time consuming. Cherry Bekaert offers services to navigate the registration process for any taxing jurisdiction to make sure you are meeting our sales tax obligations and minimizing sales tax liabilities.

  • Who Should Register for Sales Tax?

    If your business establishes sales tax nexus in a specific state, and you are selling a taxable product or service, you must register with that state, then collect, report, and pay sales taxes on applicable products and services. Each state has different requirements for establishing sales tax nexus, and those requirements change frequently.

    Additionally, be sure to address historical sales tax return filing issues before completing your registration.

    Each state has a unique registration process and sales tax compliance obligations. To minimize sales tax exposure issues, understand the jurisdiction’s registration process, timeline, and requirements.

View the Most Recent Economic Nexus Requirements by State

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