Pioneering Trustworthy AI Solutions in Response to President Biden’s Executive Order

calendar iconNovember 17, 2023

In response to President Biden’s recent Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cherry Bekaert stands at the forefront of innovative solutions that can  help various clients navigate this evolving potential risk landscape.

The Executive Order is a significant step for the United States in supporting AI. It plans to ensure AI development is safe, secure, private, fair and responsible. Cherry Bekaert can help organizations meet requirements and advance AI technologies responsibly.

New Standards for AI Safety and Security

Under the Executive Order, there is a strong emphasis on AI safety and security. Developers of the most powerful AI systems are required to share their safety test results and other critical information with the U.S. government. Cherry Bekaert’s depth of knowledge in risk management, regulatory compliance requirements, cybersecurity and IT security can help organizations adhere to these new standards.

Using an agile approach, we analyze your business, focusing on people, processes, technology and culture. We assist in risk management, promoting growth and sustaining business operations.

As AI continues to change the landscape of work and innovation, Cherry Bekaert can play a pivotal role in helping organizations adapt to these changes. Our professionals can assist in developing best practices to mitigate the potential negative impacts of AI on workers and ensure that AI enhances workforce productivity and safety.

Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI

Cherry Bekaert acknowledges the significant potential of AI to enhance government efficiency and service delivery. We stand ready to support government agencies in implementing robust standards, enhancing AI procurement practices, and promoting the responsible deployment of AI technologies.

Our expertise extends to aiding agencies in the timely recruitment of qualified AI professionals, thereby strengthening their AI capabilities. This proactive approach not only enhances the agencies’ capacity to leverage AI effectively but also ensures the responsible and ethical integration of AI into government operations.

Furthermore, we can assist agencies in conducting comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential pitfalls and challenges associated with AI adoption. By implementing proactive risk mitigation strategies, we can help safeguard against unforeseen issues and promote the secure and responsible utilization of AI within the government.

Cherry Bekaert’s Commitment to Responsible Innovation and AI

Cherry Bekaert remains committed to helping our clients navigate the evolving landscape of AI. As the Biden-Harris Administration takes vital steps forward in promoting safe, secure and trustworthy AI, Cherry Bekaert can assist organizations in fulfilling the requirements outlined in the Executive Order.

Cherry Bekaert’s Risk and Accounting Advisory and Digital Advisory practices can help businesses follow new standards, create security frameworks and innovate responsibly in AI, data privacy, security, risk and compliance.

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