Evolving Legal Tech Stack: What Software Do You Need

calendar iconSeptember 27, 2023

Utilize Technology to Deliver Client Value

Client expectations are on the rise as law firms continue to leverage technology to generate efficiencies. In an increasingly complex and competitive market, choosing the right technology stack is key to attracting and retaining clients that expect excellent personalized service. As law firms utilize more technology, firm leaders require guidance on technology regulation. Clients expect their law firms to be a step ahead in finding real-time efficiencies, accelerating processes, improving experiences and adding value.

In a client service-focused industry, technology strategies must deliver client value. Law firms should choose systems that improve efficiency, minimize errors, foster collaboration, and prioritize security. These systems are crucial for long-term success.

Provide Seamless Client Experiences

To provide the seamless experience clients expect, many law firms have already moved their systems to the cloud, with 55% of law firms reporting using cloud storage in the Bloomberg Law 2023 Legal Ops & Tech Survey. This is a great way to facilitate system interoperability and improve information flows for internal collaboration and with external stakeholders and clients. Cloud transformation enables law firms to better engage with their clients and deliver more seamless user experiences.

Using cloud-native Microsoft Power Apps, Cherry Bekaert helps clients automate complex and tedious processes in the cloud. This eliminates performance obstacles while driving maximum value and ROI. This rapid-development custom building app software fosters democratized data with low-code/no-code app development, connecting consumers, employees, products and processes across a unified platform.

Deliver Efficient Results for Clients

Truly adding value for clients means eliminating time-consuming and inaccurate processes, such as manual data entry. By automating these processes using AI technologies and APIs, firms can reduce labor-intensive manual processes and duplicative efforts. This helps clients achieve quick results, decrease the risk of humor error and focus on achieving business goals. It also allows their workforce to concentrate on important tasks such as building relationships and enhancing the customer experience

Reducing manual and tedious tasks allows teams to focus on practices and opportunities that drive performance. Cherry Bekaert helps law firms implement Microsoft Power Automate, a user-friendly automation software with simple navigation. This software enables teams to streamline processes with rules-based logic without help from developers. Firms can realize substantial benefits by automating administrative tasks such as: approvals, invoicing, employee onboarding, contract management, and document management.

Leveraging software, such as Microsoft Power Automate, can help you get the most out of your resources and make your business processes more efficient. However, it is important to remember that data is foundational to the success of AI.

Build Client Trust with Robust Data Protection

Law firms are often targeted by cybercriminals due to the vast amounts of client data held, so it is imperative to maintain robust security measures. 17% of Bloomberg Law 2023 Legal Ops & Tech Survey respondents said they needed new or improved cybersecurity and privacy technology, demonstrating an awareness of data breach damages.

Clients expect data security from their lawyers. It is an ethical and professional duty to guarantee strong cybersecurity measures, enabling a higher, longer-term level of trust between firms and clients.  All law firm staff should have a strong understanding of best practices regarding email security and other basic procedures, while firms’ technology teams should ensure all systems and processes are securely designed and that the firm has robust cybersecurity policies in place.

Because such a wide range of configurable services offerings are available, choosing a tailored solution that specifically addresses your firm’s specific circumstances and requirements is an important step. Cherry Bekaert helps organizations secure the benefits expected from IT, including reduced risk and costs, increased efficiency and competitiveness, and scaled systems that support business growth and expansion. We are proud strategic partners with cloud platforms associated with Microsoft, Salesforce, Alteryx and others that offer modernized and reliable security features.

Focus on Building Meaningful Relationships

According to the Bloomberg Law 2023 Legal Ops & Tech Survey, only 55% of lawyers say they have sufficient legal tech training. Lawyers must stay updated on new technology, best practices, and potential efficiencies available to their clients in order to deliver valuable customer service and provide secure and efficient services.

In addition to providing more efficient and accurate results for clients, a technology-literate workforce also better understands clients’ own technology concerns. Ensuring law firm staff have strong technology skills is a key differentiator. This can transform a firm from simply delivering a service to cultivating strong, meaningful relationships.

Deliver Client Value Through an Infallible Technology Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every law firm should evaluate its requirements based on the nature of the practice, clients’ objectives, current technology stack and capabilities.

Conducting a digital transformation readiness assessment is a good first step to identify transformation opportunities and create a clearly defined roadmap. During these assessments, we closely examine your environment to analyze how data stored and used across your organization. Determining the best way to manage your data leads to proposed solutions that will deliver on your needs.

Continued innovation is necessary to deliver added value for clients. Law firms must make sure they have infallible technology strategies if they want to remain competitive.

Let Us Guide You Forward

Law firms can use technology to add value for clients and improve how they provide services. Cherry Bekaert’s Digital Advisory practice is prepared to help you optimize your technology stack with advanced tools, strategy, frameworks and expertise. We would love to help you ensure you have a strong foundation and strategy in place. Reach out to learn more about how we can help your firm leverage technology to add client value.

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