FASB Makes Updates to Technical Agenda

September 28, 2017

At its September 20 public meeting, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) agreed to add the following three projects to its technical agenda:

  • A project on differentiating liabilities and equity, with a emphasis on indexation and settlement, convertible debt, disclosures, and earnings per share
  • A section of the FASB’s Financial Performance Reporting Research project aimed at the disaggregation of performance reporting by function and nature
  • A narrow-scoped project on segment reporting aimed at improving the aggregation criteria and segment disclosures

The addition of these projects completes the last stage of the FASB’s agenda consultation project.

Also at the meeting, the FASB voted to remove the following projects from its research agenda:

  • Accounting for Financial Instruments: Interest Rate Risk Disclosures
  • Pensions and Other Postretirement Employee Benefit Plans
  • Accounting for intangibles assets
  • Phase 2 of the Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities project (the segment disclosure portion only)