Real Estate Valuation Services

May 27, 2022
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Our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals focus on commercial and residential appraisals along with consulting and valuations of operating businesses, holding companies and funds, syndicators, fractional ownership interests and purchase price allocations.

Cherry Bekaert’s Real Estate Valuation Services practice can assist with a full range of real estate valuation solutions under the following specific driving purposes:

Financial Reporting

  • Portfolio Valuations (ASC 946/820)
  • Lease Valuation and Consultation (ASC 842)
  • Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805)
    • At the Holding Company / Fund / Syndicator Level
    • At the Subject Real Estate Property Level
    • Real Estate Operating Businesses: Construction, Development, Asset Management, and Property Management Companies
    • Portfolio Acquistions
    • Intangible Assets
  • Impairment Studies (ASC 350 / ASC 360)
  • Promote/Carried Interests, Preferred, and Mezzanine Positions
  • CLOs, MBS, and Mortgage Servicing Rights (ASC 860)
  • Appraisal Review and Consultation

Tax Credits

  • Valuations and Consultation: low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) and new markets tax credits (NMTCs) structures and deals

We have conducted and consulted on hundreds of valuations of fractional ownership interests in upper- and lower-tier real estate entities and funds owning, managing, and operating affordable housing LIHTC properties and NMTC deals.

Tax Planning and Reporting

  • Gift and Estate
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Structuring and Restructuring
    • Forgiveness of Debt
    • Call / Put Options in LIHTCs and NMTCs deals

Real Estate Appraisals

  • Commercial, Residential and Special Purpose Properties
  • MAI Certified Appraisals

Consulting Services

  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Buy / Sell Agreements

M&A and Private Equity Services

  • Acquisitions and Portfolio Company Valuations
  • Expertise in development and syndication businesses
  • Extensive experience in affordable housing / LIHTCs deals

Dispute and Litigation Services

  • Arbitration
  • Claims & Disputes
  • Economic Damages
  • Lost Profits