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calendar iconMarch 22, 2019
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Indirect tax demands have become by far the highest single tax cost for businesses around the world. Taxes like sales and use, personal  property, value-added, gross receipts and license create challenges for every business enterprise. The United States has over 10,000 unique taxing jurisdictions, each with its own rules, regulations and interpretations of tax law and growth has driven the number of potential taxable transactions to an all-time high. Indirect tax compliance has become an overriding burden to businesses.

Technological changes make it easier for state and local tax authorities to expand their tax base, push current nexus standards and challenge more transactions than ever before. Businesses grappling with these shifts and heightened scrutiny are changing just as rapidly. Today’s business climate requires companies to grow. Major upheavals like reorganizations, centralization of key business functions, decentralization of key management functions and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures have increasingly become the norm.

All the while, tax departments have typically not been changing at the same speed as the challenges they face. In fact the opposite is usually true; tax departments are being asked to handle all of the changes and complexities while at the same time reducing costs. These factors can lead a business to the point of decreased indirect tax compliance and increased audit assessments and penalties.

However indirect tax issues affect your business, Cherry Bekaert has the right mix of experience, process, technology and relationships to help you meet those challenges head on. Whether you are looking to mitigate exposure, reduce tax costs, increase compliance or strengthen processes, Cherry Bekaert is the right choice. Our professionals offer experience in the highest levels of government, industry and legal organizations. We have the national relationships and experience to help you achieve the results you desire and a proven track record of delivering the highest level of quality services and satisfying the needs of our clients.

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