From Outbound to Inbound: A Tech Company’s Guide to Expanding Globally (Part Two – Inbound Transactions)

calendar iconApril 4, 2024

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Continuing the conversation on international tax planning strategies for both outbound and inbound companies, International Tax Services Managing Director Rajesh Tripathi and Tax Partner Chris Delcambre discuss the various considerations foreign parent companies need to make when establishing operations in the U.S.

Inbound companies have both employee and entity type complexities associated with them and must be aware of several factors that could pose a risk if not properly addressed. Listen to learn more and avoid potential pitfalls. This episode covers:

  • Permanent establishment risk
  • Federal treaty rules and individual state tax regulations
  • Employee (particularly C-Suite) travel scenarios
  • Exit strategies
  • Penalties for improper or non-existent transfer pricing

If you haven’t already, listen to part one of this conversation, which focuses on outbound companies and transactions: (Part 1)

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