A Spotlight on Frederick County Public Libraries’ Data-Driven Systems and Evolution

calendar iconOctober 25, 2023

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Cherry Bekaert Government Services Podcast Cherry Bekaert Government Services Podcast

Library systems are constantly evolving. As digital technologies continue to expand, local governments and their libraries have increased access to quality data, providing opportunity for focused improvement with data-driven decisions.

Becky Buczek, a Client Success Manager at Cherry Bekaert, hosted Courtney Brohawn, Project Coordinator at Frederick County Public Libraries (FCPL), to discuss FCPL, the communities they serve, challenges with data and the advantages of data-driven programs.

Part of our GPS podcast series and the second in our library systems mini-series, this episode covers:

  • An overview of Frederick County Public Libraries and the communities they serve
  • Challenges FCPL has faced in gathering and utilizing data
  • Libraries’ internal operations and the ability to improve with data
  • Using data to assist FCPL communities
  • Key service and community trends pre- and post-pandemic
  • Specific reports and data that have a positive impact on FCPL communities
  • The future of FCPL and other library systems

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