Budget for Success – How to Build a Successful Grant Budget

calendar iconFebruary 9, 2024

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Grant recipients, and hopeful recipients, are often overwhelmed by the management aspect of their funds. On this episode, Cherry Bekaert experts provide insight on key considerations for a comprehensive grant budget.

Kimberly Konczack, an Advisory Manager at Cherry Bekaert, hosted Shuo Zhang, Manager, and Kat Kizior, Senior Associate, to discuss their experience with grants management at state and local organizations, grant budgets and the importance of planning.

As part of Cherry Bekaert’s GPS podcast series, and the first in the grants management mini-series, this episode covers:

  • An introduction to Cherry Bekaert’s Grants Management team
  • What a grant budget is and what it includes
  • Why grant budgets matter
  • Best practices and lessons learned
  • A six-step guide to make an accurate and comprehensive budget
  • How to begin

Cherry Bekaert’s Grant Lifecycle Management team manages grants end-to-end, bridging the service gap to improve internal controls and staff success to help your organization maximize every opportunity. If you have any questions specific to your business needs, Cherry Bekaert’s Government & Public Sector team is available to discuss your situation with you.

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