Trust In Government Part 2: Openness and Transparency in Government

calendar iconMarch 20, 2024

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The National Academy of Public Administration’s Agile Government Center Coordinator, G. Edward DeSeve, joined Cherry Bekaert’s Advisory Leader, Srikant Sastry, in a conversation with Nick Hart, the current president and CEO of the Data Foundation. In this episode, Ed and Srikant discuss the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Trust in Government Framework. According to the OECD, governments with high levels of trust among their citizenry “provide open and accessible information so the public better understands what government is doing.”

Hart gives his view on the state of openness in the U.S. government and what the Data Foundation is doing to promote transparency. He also shares his work in advancing important laws that have led to greater government transparency – the DATA Act, the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, the GREAT Act, the Financial Data Transparency Act – and what kind of reception he gets when arguing for these openness frameworks.

The second in our mini-series covering the five pillars of trust, this episode covers:

  • The key drivers in restoring trust in the government
  • Whether transparency builds trust or erodes it
  • How to measure the extent to which citizens find their government sufficiently open and transparent
  • Data quality:
    • How good is the data government collects, uses and reports
    • If the data reported is unreliable and what that means when it comes to trust
  • The ways that technology has transformed the landscape of government transparency
  • Advice for policymakers at every level who are hesitant to embrace openness and transparency
  • Anticipated future trends in the realm of government data and transparency

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