Restoring Trust in Government Part Three – OCED’s Trust in Government Framework

calendar iconJune 13, 2024

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The National Academy of Public Administration’s Agile Government Center Coordinator, G. Edward DeSeve , is joined by Cherry Bekaert’s Advisory Leader, Srikant Sastry , in a conversation with journalist Richard Greene and his wife, Catherine Barrett, as they discuss the openness driver of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OCED).

Richard Greene is a prominent journalist who has spent the better part of the past 30 years covering state and local governments. It is often said that trust and confidence in government is strongest at the local level because that’s where government is closest – and most responsive. However, trust in government has been on the decline for decades. Greene has recently contributed articles to digital publication Route Fifty that explore why trust in state and local government has fallen and clear ways to reverse the trend.

The third in our mini-series covering the five pillars of trust, this episode covers:

  • Trends in state and local government
  • What motivated Greene to write articles for Route Fifty
  • The importance of trust in government
  • Differences in what causes trust at the state and local government level
  • How the pandemic influenced perceptions of trust in government
  • If the government is doing enough to ensure citizens’ confidence in them
  • What specific practices can reverse a declining trend in trust in government
  • Who we should be watching to gauge the success of efforts to restore trust in government
  • Recommendations to public leader aiming to enhance trust in their respective government institutions

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