The Year of Efficiency Part 4: Growth Through Innovation

calendar iconOctober 5, 2023

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Efficiencies can come in the form of cost-saving, process streamlining, and resource allocation, which act as a catalyst for innovation by freeing up resources, enhancing collaboration, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and allowing for calculated risks in creativity and experimentation.

Listen as Jim Holman and Steve Holliday provide real-world examples from leading technology companies to further illustrate how these principles have been successfully applied to drive innovation and growth in the fourth and final episode of our “Year of Efficiency” podcast series.

Are Your Company’s Controls Optimized for Efficiency?

Inefficient systems are a barrier to growth. If you question whether the proper controls are in place for your technology company to conduct business efficiently, contact our team for a complimentary maturity model assessment. Our digital transformation team can provide an initial assessment of your company’s efficiencies and discuss the steps to take it to the next level.

The conversation includes:

  •  1:18 – How Cost-Saving Measures Fuel Innovation
  •  2:14 – How Streamlining Processes Lead to More Agile Innovation
  •  4:50 – How Efficient Resource Allocation Fosters Creativity and Experimentation
  •  6:22 – Real-World Examples of Tech Companies Leveraging Efficiency for Innovation
  •  6:59 – Focusing on Value Creation
  •  8:40 – Streamlining Processes and Failing Fast
  •  10:30 – Cross-Functional Collaboration
  •  12:56 – Risk Management’s Role in Fostering Experimentation
  •  14:04 – How Efficiency Acts As a Catalyst for Innovation
  •  17:41 – How to Avoid Spreading Resources Too Thin
  •  20:00 – Importance of Minimum Viable Product
  •  23:30 – Application for Middle-Market Technology Companies

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