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Cybersecurity in Education: Regulations, Incidents, and Practical Considerations

calendar iconAugust 16, 2023

Protecting children is top of mind for most families and for the public institutions that support them. However, public education is highly budget-constrained, with the bulk of funding going to teacher salaries. Protecting educational information, though, is one place where Federal privacy and cybersecurity regulations are strong and uniform across the U.S. The current trend of cyberattacks copying and/or locking data in return for ransom hits directly at both compliance and real-world impact for schools.

This course provides an overview of the regulations and challenges for cybersecurity in education.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about some of the cyberattacks going on now.
  • Understand the base requirements of FERPA, the Federal privacy regulations covering all students.
  • Understand the broader implications of COPPA, the Federal privacy regulations covering all children online.
  • Learn about connections between FERPA and HIPAA.

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