Webinar Recording

The State and Local Tax Landscape: Insights from 2023 and Strategies for 2024

calendar iconDecember 12, 2023

Cherry Bekaert’s State and Local Tax team dive into the dynamic world of state and local tax planning with our upcoming webinar. Gain valuable insights derived from real client experiences throughout 2023 and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to proactively plan for 2024. Cherry Bekaert’s State and Local Tax team will share practical lessons learned, industry trends and innovative strategies to help you optimize your tax position. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and enhance your tax planning proficiency.

In this webinar recording, our team will cover:

  • Understand key lessons learned from diverse client scenarios in 2023, enabling you to identify potential pitfalls and opportunities in state and local tax planning.
  • Explore emerging trends and legislative changes that could impact your tax strategy in 2024
  • Acquire strategies to enhance your state and local tax planning efforts

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